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'Lost Will To Play': Para-Badminton Player Manasi Joshi Alleges Biased Umpiring In Odisha Nationals

Joshi has alleged biased umpiring in the semi-final match of Women Singles. The athlete claimed that she had been facing biasness since morning, and by the end of the game, she lost the will to play.

Para Sports Association of Odisha and the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs hosted the 4th National Parabadminton Championship on December 24-27.

The competition witnessed hundreds of priming para-shuttlers, including Tokyo gold medallist Krishna Nagar, silver medallist Suhas Yathiraj, Paralympic bronze winner Manoj Sarkar, Manasi Joshi, Sukant Kadam, Parul Parmar, Palak Kohli, Tarun Dhillon, among others.

The sweat, energy and dedication a player puts in for the competition are only successful if the match is fair. But the recent competition in Odisha has come under the radar for unfair performance evaluations.

Indian Para-badminton player Manasi Joshi had alleged biased umpiring in the semi-final match of Women Singles. Joshi said that the shuttle hit by her opponent that fell on the head on the umpire was given as a let.

(A let is given to end the rally to replay the point, the score doesn't change, and the same server serves again to the same receiving player). Joshi shared the clip of the match on Twitter.

The para-shuttler claimed that this was the third wrong, and she has been facing biasness since morning. Joshi said that facing bias on the first day left her heartbroken, and by the end of the game, she had lost the will to play.

She said the sports federations and associations calls for transparency, but the judgments made her lose all hope.

"I faced biasness and sidelining off the court about which I couldn't do much, but now things have just gone too far. At the national level, on-court also same attitude. This cannot be tolerated," she posted on her Instagram handle.

Netizens showed solidarity with Joshi, calling out the unfair umpiring and how such decisions were damaging for athletes and fans.

The player urged the Badminton Association of India (BAI), Paralympic Committee of India, Badminton World Federation (BWF), and concerned officials to cognisance. The Logical Indian tried to reach out to Manashi Joshi, however, the response is awaited.

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