Be A Hunger Hero, Know How You Can Be Part Of The Movement Towards Zero Hunger
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No matter…

WHO we are… WHERE we live… WHAT we do…

We can take ACTION towards zero hunger by simply donating a meal to someone in need.

Food – is a necessity for survival; is a reason of happiness; is something that sees no physical boundaries; is a divine blessing; is something that unites us all. India is home to 194.6 million undernourished people, the highest in the world.

#BeAHungerHero is an effort to raise awareness and take action towards the cause of hunger and food wastage, in a world where more than 795 million people are hungry and 40% of all food produced annually is wasted. This is a global movement organized by Feeding India in collaboration with The Logical Indian. Feeding India is a not for profit organization that works to end hunger, malnutrition and food wastage in India. It aims at achieving Zero Hunger.

The movement is continuing a tradition started in 1979, where people honour the fundamental right of ‘access to food’, celebrating the days around World Food Day together. The main motive behind the event is to make sure that no deprived person sleeps hungry.


What is the #BeAHungerHero global movement?

#BeAHungerHero global movement is a step towards achieving Zero Hunger, goal no. 2 among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030 by the United Nations. People from all countries around the world, irrespective of their age, religion, gender, caste, etc. are encouraged to step out and donate a meal wherever they are to whoever they feel is in need. The aim is to make sure that these 10 surrounding the World Food Day, no underprivileged person around us sleeps hungry. True, we can’t feed a hundred people but at least the ones we see around us.


Who can Participate?

Everyone can participate. The event will witness people coming together from across the world – individuals, their friends, families, students, corporates, restaurants, caterers, chefs, everyone, donating meals to the needy and marking their support to the cause of hunger.


How can you participate?

Action Plan:

  • 10th to 20th October, 2016─ Anyone and everyone can join the movement by donating a meal to any needy person around you.
  • If you cannot donate a meal in person, you can still contribute online to provide meals to children in a sustainable manner.
  • Pledge your support by sharing your story with the world by uploading a picture with the hashtag #BeAHungerHero #ZeroHunger and motivate many others to do it.

Two important days in during the campaign:

  • 16 October, 2016: World Food Day─ Feeding India is setting up food camps in 20+ cities across India to donate food in an organized manner and celebrate with the less privileged.
  • 20th October, 2016: International Chefs Day─ Everyone from the food community is invited to participate. Chefs, food bloggers, restaurateurs, caterers. You can spread awareness and help serve meals with Feeding India Hunger heroes.

Follow the event on Facebook and stay up-to date with all happenings-


How will just donating one meal help? It won’t solve the huge problem of hunger in 10 days.

Yes, it won’t solve the problem of hunger entirely. But it will:

  • Bring the world as one, humanity to the fore together.
  • Tell the hungry people that there is someone who cares.
  • Spread happiness: The one meal that you will serve will spread smiles, even if just for a day.
  • Set of a time where people will take action towards the problem even after the 10 days.

Donate during any or as many of the 10 days of the #BeAHungerHero event and become a part of a global movement against Hunger.


Why should I upload my picture on social media?

By sharing your donation story with the world, you encourage many others to do it. In a world where we hear about terrorism, rapes, crimes happening every day, a little noble deed from your side will spread a lot of happiness.

Your small picture, shared with the world can motivate others to participate in the movement and help an underprivileged person in need.

Last year’s event saw school and college university students, working professionals, corporate firms, bloggers, chefs, and many other people from different parts of the country coming together to serve meals to the needy. Thanks to their efforts and participation, 1,45,000 meals were served in just 5 days. This year we wish to multiply the efforts, the participation and the impact! Let’s help more people, spread more happiness.


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