36-Yr-Old Australia-Based Educationist, Wajib Ali, Gets Elected To Rajasthan Assembly
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36-Yr-Old Australia-Based Educationist, Wajib Ali, Gets Elected To Rajasthan Assembly

Wajib Ali, a successful young Indian based in Australia has achieved a commendable and rare feat by winning Nagar constituency in Rajasthan Assembly elections. Unlike most politicians, he campaigned in the rural heartland of his constituency and even before the elections talked about real issues and supported people’s struggles.

He was born in a Meo Muslim family of Nagar Block’s Sikri village. After completing his studies in Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia, he went to Australia for higher studies and joined the family business there. He currently runs eight colleges and a school, along with his two brothers in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Return from Australia

Reportedly, the miserable condition of his village deeply affected him when he came back to India to meet his parents six years ago. He said that he wanted to change people’s lives and improve the social conditions in his area which is dominated by Meo Muslims, reported The Hindu.

Thus, he came to his native village in 2013 and contested the Assembly election as a National People’s Party candidate and lost to BJP’s sitting MLA Anita Singh.

Determined to make a difference, Ali remained active in the region. He joined Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in 2015 to gain an identity for himself and “political weightage” for his work among the people, especially the Meos.

Ali told The Hindu, “This is the state’s most backward area. Basic facilities are lacking here. Besides, Meos are treated with suspicion”.

He succeeded in breaking caste and religious barriers and convincing voters about his honest intentions. He said that people from all castes voted for him and voters believed that he sacrificed his comforts in Australia to do something for them. Ali also succeeded in defeating communalism and hate campaign often used for political purposes.

In the 2018 Assembly polls, Ali defeated Samajwadi Party’s Nem Singh with a margin of 25,467 votes.

Focus on Education and Health

Reportedly, Ali wants to focus on improving education and health in his constituency to raise the standard of living of villagers. He said that he would also focus on other issues such as law and order situation and corruption in government offices.

Ali is also a member of the International Rural Council and wants to help the farmers.

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