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[Video] Astounding Recovery Of A Dog – He Nursed This Faceless Dog And Gave Him A New Face

The Logical Indian

April 12th, 2016


The story of this dog Kalu is heart-wrenching, as well as an inspiring one. This is also a tale of some incredible humans who gave Kalu a new life by their relentless efforts. Due to some unknown reasons Kalu, the dog fell into a ditch. There he was being eaten alive by maggots. His condition was painful as half of his face disappeared by infestation and major part of his skull had been exposed.

He was found by the aid workers from Animal Aid Unlimited charity and was taken to their shelter in Rajasthan’s Udaipur. Recovering Kalu was a daunting task for them as well as the dog itself. But however, he showed some exceptional fighting spirit which helped the workers remove his wounds and clean it.

Gradually Kalu began to recover with proper bandaging and rest. Few days later, his left eye reappeared and skin started to grow back on his face. With more days passing, Kalu is getting back to his normal life. This is entirely because of few good men fighting for the cause of animals.

The Logical Indian salutes the members of Animal Aid Unlimited for coming forward and save this little life.

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