Telangana Doctor Drives 70 Km To Take Expectant Mother To Healthcare Centre, Performs Delivery

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Telangana Doctor Drives 70 Km To Take Expectant Mother To Healthcare Centre, Performs Delivery

It was an emergency situation and the doctor knew that there was no scope for waiting for an ambulance.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, doctors across the world are going beyond their call of duty to help patients. In one such incident, a doctor in Mahabubabad district, Telangana, helped an expecting mother by driving her 70 km to get to the primary healthcare centre and delivered the baby.

"This child was born yesterday night in the remotest PHC of our district (Gangaram)in Agency area. Medical officer Dr.mukram brought the expectant mother in his own car and conducted the delivery. Such heroic stories inspire us in these tough moments," Mahabubabad Collector said in a tweet on Wednesday, May 13.

Gatti Manjula, 28, a Koya tribal woman from Kolaram village, one of the remotest village in Mahabubabad district, had developed labour pains on Tuesday evening. With a premature rupture of the membrane, the delivery could happen soon. However, the nearest primary healthcare centre(PHC) was around 20 Km away, and there was no ambulance available, reported The Indian Express.

ASHA worker the Padma in the village then called medical officer Dr Mohammed Mukram. Upon learning about the case, the doctor took the expecting mother to the PHC with the help of Padma. He drove around 70 Km on the single-lane road through forests and reached Gangaram PHC by 9:30 pm. At the healthcare centre, the doctor delivered the baby safely.

"It was an emergency case and I knew the only available ambulance had been rushed to another PHC. There was no scope for waiting for an ambulance. So I took my car to the village and shifted her to PHC. I was just doing my duty," the doctor was quoted by the media.

While Manjula delivered a baby girl, the child was born blue.

"We had to quickly revive the baby by sucking out secretions from the lungs. This is why it was important to bring her to PHC otherwise we could have lost the baby or the mother could have developed complications," the doctor said.

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