Story Of A Youth From Kashmir Who Became A Cricket Star After Losing Both Arms In Childhood

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March 3rd, 2016 / 10:30 AM

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We have always learned how to bounce back; the art of forgetting a bad incident that happened in our lives, and going back to our previous state. But Kashmir’s 28-year-old Amir Hussain Lone has taught all of us the art of bouncing ‘forward’; the art in which you do not go back to the previous self but to something even better than that.

In 1997, Amir was only 8 when he lost both his arms in a severe accident that took place in his father’s sawmill; he went to the mill to give food to his brother and while playing around (playful as he was a child) his hands caught in a bandsaw. He was in the hospital for 3 years, suffering from grave injuries. Due to the accident, his father had to sell the business and land so as to pay for the all the medical requirements and rehabilitation of Amir.


Lone would have lost his hope if it were not for his family. His grandmother was a tremendous support when she convinced him to go back to school. But it was not even a bit pleasant of a scenario for him there. The teacher had declared that he was a misfit for the school and that he should probably go to a school for the disabled. The father was criticized and tried to be pulled down by the extended family members and friends when he spent his fortune on the nourishment of his son. But he could not stop and went ahead blindly thinking the best for him. “But he is so dear to me like a part of my body. As a father, why do I need wealth when my son is not well?”

When the growing unsupportiveness from people was, naturally, about to take a toll over Amir, instead it only put more courage inside of him.

In between of all this, there is one thing that Amir always wanted to do- play cricket. It was a favourite for Amir and he knew that he could not detach himself from that this sport. However, the very idea of it aroused a round of mockery for the young man; he did not lose, he could not; it was not an option. This time, he knew what he was doing and had his full heart and intentions to do so.

Time flew by as he practiced and practiced. His technique is very unique as well as extravagant. Amir’s right foot is very accurate- he curls up to get a hold of the ball, turns side and sends the ball down the wicket. His bowling is better and cleaner than that of a right hander. He bats by holding the bat between his chin and shoulder. He fields by using his right foot to catch and throw.

He is aware of the fact that the entire family did everything and even lost everything after Amir’s incident. He only wants to bring happiness and spread happiness around himself now. A very independent man as he has become, Amir does everything from washing clothes, to cleaning himself, to eating on his own and by his own.

This youthful soul has found a spot as a captain in Kashmir’s state-para cricket team. Today, he is closer to his dreams than any of us could ever. We are too busy trying to be something and do something, whereas Amir has acquired and achieved the far-fetched.

The Logical Indian community salutes the brave soul of Kashmir, who does not give the situation and the society a chance to bring him down but his uses that same situation and moulds it into a prize which he holds up high.



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