This Republic Day, Let’s Know Why Our Constitution Is The Salt That Makes Our Democracy Work
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This Republic Day, Let’s Know Why Our Constitution Is The Salt That Makes Our Democracy Work

We became free in 1947 but true meaning of it was realized only when the constitution was formed. The meaning of freedom, liberty and equality was understood through this 117,369 words masterpiece. But over time, we have forgotten the true meaning and spirit of it and taken the values it enshrined that makes our country the largest democracy for granted.

Many a times we complaint on the state of our country. Few of us even think to leave the country for a better life elsewhere. But we have never comprehended the power our constitution has given us. Have we ever imagined what it would be like, if our country wouldn’t have been republic. If our glorious constitution wouldn’t have governed our rights and privileges and thus our freedom.

This video by Tata Salt is a tribute to the largest democratic republic in the world. The video, through salt art captures the essence of the Republic Day by depicting various features of the constitution such as equality, secularism, freedom of expression, fundamental rights and duties of the citizen. It tells us like how salt is to our food, constitution is to our democracy and freedom. Their importance is felt, only when missing.

This republic day lets take pride in the many unique and progressive steps it took:

The day we became a republic, we were the only country in the modern world to have given one person one vote from day one and it didn’t depend on the caste, creed or the race of the person. It treated everyone equally. The significance of it can be seen in the fact that the United States, the most powerful nation in the world, took almost a century and a civil war to treat its citizens equally and to give them voting rights.

Irrespective of the flaws, we are only among a few democracies which both respect an individuals choice to practice any religion and at the same time criticise the orthodox or superstitious beliefs if any.

A country is ruled not by the majority but by Constitution and laws. It has an opportunity for each and every one of us. A country where A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, son of a boat rider, became president in this country; the country has seen many leaders from different minorities as Prime Ministers and Presidents in seven decades of the Indian Republic and also has witnessed many powerful women stirring the wheel of the nation.

Though our constitution is firm, it is not adamant. As one should be open to change with time, it is open to progress and change – the recent example being the legalisation of LGBT rights.

From the day we became a republic, 16 times there have been changes of national government and power and all largely peaceful and without bullets.

Let’s celebrate the constitution, live by it and protect it if it is endangered.

Tata Salt & The Logical Indian community wishes everyone a Happy Republic Day.

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