Woman Forced The Man Who Harassed Her On WhatsApp To Donate Rs 25000 To Charity

Woman Forced The Man Who Harassed Her On WhatsApp To Donate Rs 25000 To Charity

“Yesterday I received a call from an unknown number. The caller said he wanted to meet me and also asked about my rate. From then my phone kept buzzing nonstop. I started receiving calls and messages from random numbers. I was forced to switch off my phone. Initially, I was startled, but then I managed to return a call. I clearly explained my portfolio, and also warned him for speaking like that. And then he was scared and started to ask for forgiveness. Later he told me how he managed to get my number. My number was sent to a Whatsapp group by “ONE DARLING GUY” from my hometown. He sent my phone number with a caption, “SUPER PRODUCT”. Many members of the group called me and also sent me the screenshots of the same. I was startled to know that the little boy who was once scared of me, was behind this act. I decided to go ahead legally. Youth Wing Activists of National Party came to know of this incident and called me up for settlement when I came to know that he is the party secretary of that particular area. I asked them why they have positioned bullies and corrupt youngsters to the forefront of a national party.

I also demanded them to expel him from the party.

I am a woman who toiled hard and fought against destiny to be in a high position. I have never surrendered nor allowed anyone to walk over my self-respect or womanhood. I have never allowed anyone to hurt my feelings either, nor I will ever allow anyone to misrepresent me. I had decided to go ahead legally that is when this darling’s father came home and begged for pardon. He was even ready to fall on my feet. I couldn’t resist or turn away from the request of a man who is of my father’s age… I agreed to compromise. But I wanted to slap the one who put a cost on my womanhood. But what is the gain in that act? I found a solution.

I told this young man who tried to embarrass me, “As penance, donate Rs 25000 at RRC, Sri Chitra or Gandhi Bhavan on his name and provide me with the receipt, else I will go ahead with legal actions.”

When his father realised that they don’t have any other choice left, they agreed to my demand. Today they paid the donation and gave me a receipt. At least by this let him live on the right path. I don’t want to publish his name and bring him embarrassment. But I have given him a tight slap. I am ending this here, but if anyone tries to play cheap pranks like this, I would not have any humanitarian concerns. The receipt is attached here. The party people promised me that they would send me the minutes of party meeting by 8’O Clock, the agenda of the meeting is his expulsion.

N.B.: I am not sure whether the party will take this moron back to the party in a couple of days. In that case, we can listen to molestation stories which will bring a black mark to the party. Or else will see because he is someone who has got the character to pull up to the house and kill people. It is quite embarrassing that the party protected and sheltered a criminal minded youngster till date. It is even more shameful that the Youth wing activists go to this cheap level.”

Translated By – Shilpa Ammu

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