Odisha Man Travels Over 500 Km To Donate His Rare Blood Type, Saves Womans Life
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Odisha Man Travels Over 500 Km To Donate His Rare Blood Type, Saves Woman's Life

In a heartwarming gesture, a Rourkela’s Dilip Barik travelled for over 500 km to donate his rarest of rare blood to save a woman’s life in Odisha’s Berhampur on Saturday, October 19.

A tribal woman from Mandasingi village of Patrapur block in Ganjam district, Sabita Raita, had given birth to a girl through the caesarean section on October 13 in the MKCG medical college and hospital in Berhampur.

Following the delivery, extremely low level of haemoglobin posed a danger to her life. She needed a blood transfusion, which was not possible because her blood group, ‘Bombay A+ve’, is a very rare one. Barik was part of a Bhubaneswar-based donors group, where he was located by Dr Rashmita Panigrahy, in charge of the hospital’s blood bank, through her searches on social media groups.

Barik did not hesitate to rush to Berhampur to donate his blood immediately. He reached the blood bank on the same day and gave his blood. It was immediately used to treat Raita. The next day, October 20, Sunday, her condition was stable, MKCG medical college sources confirmed.

Dr Panigrahy said that this rare blood group is found in one out of 2,50,000 persons in India, The Hindu reported.

In a world full of communal hatred, violence and cruelty, Barik’s act of kindness is worthy of appreciation and restores our faith in humanity.

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