Church Opens Doors To Muslims For Namaz During Anti-CAA Protests In Kerala
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Church Opens Doors To Muslims For Namaz During Anti-CAA Protests In Kerala

In a show of communal harmony, a church in Kerala opened its doors for Muslims who had taken part in the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in the state.

The Muslims were part of the ‘Secular Youth March’ organised by the Kerala chapter of All India Professional Congress (AIPC) on Saturday, December 28, against the new Citizenship Act and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). When the march ended, the Muslims needed a space to offer prayers and the St Thomas Church in Kothamangalam, locally known as Marthoma Cheriapally, opened up for them.

“It was a secular march when thousands of people of all faiths walked towards Kothamangalam. There were also hundreds of Muslims in the march. By the time it concluded it was time for the Muslims to offer their prayers and going to a mosque would have delayed it,” Mathew Kuzhalnadan, state president of AIPC, was quoted in The News Minute.

“So we requested the church authorities to permit the Muslims to do the namaz. They not only permitted it, but they also facilitated the prayers,” he added.

While the Muslims offered namaz on the courtyard, Elias Mar Yulios and Father Jose Paruthiveli led the evening prayers inside the church. A video of the incident was also shared on Twitter by a user Jijoy, which soon went viral.

“India means.. A Christian Church in Kothamangalam, Kerala has arranged space for Muslim brethren to offer Maghrib Namaz. They were participating in the Secular March, a protest against CAA-NRC conducted by @ProfCong Kerala Chapter. This is the Spirit of Humanity still prevails,” read the caption of the post.

This is one of the many incidents of communal harmony witnessed across the country in the wake of recent anti-CAA protests. Last week, the choir group at St Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Kozhenchery, Kerala wore Islamic ensemble during Christmas carol service in solidarity with the protesters.

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