At 21, This Jaipur Boy Is All Set To Become Indias Youngest Judge
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At 21, This Jaipur Boy Is All Set To Become India's Youngest Judge

Cracking the Rajasthan judicial services 2018 exam, Jaipur’s Mayank Pratap Singh, 21, is all set to become India’s youngest judge.

“I was always drawn towards the judicial services going by the importance and respect reserved for the judges in the society. I took admission in 2014 in the five-year LLB course from the Rajasthan University, which ended this year,” The Economic Times quoted Singh as saying.

“I am elated with my success and I thank my family, teachers and all well-wishers for their contribution which helped me crack the exam in the first attempt,” he added.

Earlier, one had to be 23 years old in order to appear for the judicial services exam, but the age limit was later reduced to 21 years by the Rajasthan High Court in 2019.

“I could appear in the exam only because the minimum age was reduced. Had it not been so then I would not have been eligible. I think it will benefit me because now I will get more time to learn and do more work and serve more people in my career because I joined at such a young age,” he said.

At a time when social media has become an integral part of our lives, Singh has never used Facebook or WhatsApp. In fact, he has never been to coaching classes either.

“I have been studying for 6-8 hours regularly, however, at times, I have also extended my studies for over 12 hours too,” Singh said.

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