Extraordinary Teachers Who Are Crossing All Barriers For Their Students

Extraordinary Teachers Who Are Crossing All Barriers For Their Students

1.Beena Rao: A Teacher In Surat Who Teaches Over 1200 Slum Students For Free.

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Education getting costlier and privitisation being the only rule to impart quality education has left underprivilaged children somewhere in the middle. Beena Rao, a lecturer from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), took an initiative to provide free education to thousands of children loitering in slums and deprived of basic education. Rao, who teaches blind students came up with ‘Prayas Free Coaching Classes’ pooling in young college students who devote their evenings to educating slum kids. On the first day she invited doctors and police officers as guest lectureres in order to persuade the parents to send their wards to school.Classes are conducted in the evening from 6 pm to 8 pm. Apart from teaching basic subjects, she also imparts moral education and encourages students to engage in various art, craft activities.

2.A T Abdul Mallik : A Teacher Who Swims Across A River To Be On Time.


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He has been teaching in a Muslim Lower Primary School at Padinjattumuri in Malappuram district of Kerala since 1992. He used to be late for school when he would change two buses and walk about two kilometers (total 12 km) to reach the school in three hours. Hence, he decided to swim across river Kadalundipuzha every day to reach his school on time. It takes him 10 minutes from his house to reach the riverbank and three minutes walk to school after he crosses the swirling river. With an average salary of around Rs 25 000 a month, he manages to save Rs 30 a day.

3.Jagwinder Singh: Art Teacher Born Without Full Arms.


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An inspiration is like a beam of light which lightens up the path for others who already gave up. Jagwinder Singh, an armless art teacher is that beam of light. He uses his feet to paint and is striving for Gold medal in Olympics. He was not cowed down by the fate and despite being armless he uses his feet to cook and use computer. Having being inspired from 2012 Olympics, Jagwinder bought a cycle for himself and strolled down the streets of Patran in Punjab. In order to achieve his goal he spends a lot of time in cycling and gym. He considers Canadian cyclist Joseph Veloce as his inspiration.

4.Rajesh: He Lost His Hands But That’s Not Enough To Stop This Determined Teacher.


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Our regular fuss in day to day activities and a peron’s display of skills going out of the way makes a difference. Rajesh is differently-abled since childhood but his disability did not deter him from becoming an example before his colleagues and students who feel proud to have a teacher like Rajesh. He is a son of a retired army officer. His perseverance could not stop him from pursuing B.Tech from NIT Hamirpur. Today he is a lecturer at Jadau Senior Secondary School. Rajesh not only writes on the blackboard but even stands on a chair to draw diagrams on it. He is adept at using computers with the fingers of his legs. He sends a strong yet pertinent message to the youth, not to give up to failure and stop taking to intoxicants.

5.Rajesh Kumar: A Free School Under The Bridge.

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Being disturbed by the plight of children playing at the construction site of Delhi transit station rather than attending school, made 43-year-old Rajesh to spend hours teaching around 80 children from slum. He happens to be a shopkeeper by profession teaches the children between pillars and beneath the tracks of the Delhi transit station.
The children attend class for two hours each day where they learn math and basic reading and writing skills. Nothing deters the children from attending attending classes, not even the sound of trains.Rajesh says his greatest achievement is changing the attitude of his students’ parents, many of them now encourage their children to study.

6.Basanti: She Writes On The Blackboard And Checks Copies Of Her Students Using Her Feet.


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Few years ago, demented people came up with their advise to the parents of Basanti to kill her. However, she grew up to become a para teacher and is the sole breadwinner of the family. Bsanti is deprived of both of her hands since birth due to which her parents did not send her to school thinking she could not write. At 6, her mother accepted her request of education. After she cleared her class 10th exams in 1993, she started taking tuition. She went on to become a contractual teacher in Rodaband secondary school and now teaches many students. She writes on the blackboard and checks copies of her students using her feet.

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