Kerala: 105-Year-Old Bhageerathi Amma Gives Her Class 4 Exam, Proves That Dreams Are Ageless
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Kerala: 105-Year-Old Bhageerathi Amma Gives Her Class 4 Exam, Proves That Dreams Are Ageless

There is no limit to learning and when one has the vigour to give it a shot, age becomes just a number. 105-year-old Bhageerathi Amma from Kerala has set a new milestone by appearing for the fourth standard examination. She appeared for Malayalam, Mathematics and Environmental examinations at her own residency.

Since she faced difficulty in writing, she had to take one day for each exam. She was accompanied by her 67-year-old daughter to ensure that she takes her examination without any hassle.

Bhageerathi Amma gave up her formal education at the age of 9 after her mother’s demise. Despite her zeal, she couldn’t continue her education as she had to take care of her siblings. She lost her husband in her mid-thirties and took care of her 6 children without any help. This left her with no chance to go back to her formal education again.

Now Bhageerathi Amma is the ‘oldest equivalency learner’ in Kerala State Literacy Mission. Mission’s Resource person, Vasanth Kumar told the media that Bhageerathi Amma was very excited and happy to take her examination. Even after crossing 100 years, her eye-sight and memory are still sharp.

Bhageerathi Amma gave birth to 6 children and one of them is no more. She has 15 grandchildren out of whom 3 have passed away and has 12 great-grandchildren. She is looking forward to the government authorities taking a step to get her widow or old age pension. She was deprived of a pension facility as she did not have an aadhar card.

Bhageerathi Amma is also giving a strong competition to 96-year-old Kathiyayani Amma who scored 98 out of 100 in Malayalam. She was the oldest person to take the examination under “Aksharalaksham”, a flagship programme of the state-run Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority launched to eliminate illiteracy.

These women are breaking all the stereotypes and setting a perfect example to the younger generations that it is never too late to live life on one’s own terms.

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