Success Knows No Gender: This Mixed Martial Arts Competitor Breaks The Glass Ceiling
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Success Knows No Gender: This Mixed Martial Arts Competitor Breaks The Glass Ceiling

While it is said that all are born equal, right from birth, everybody is assigned a label, a certain stereotype. For example, little babies, merely a few days old in this world, are assigned a certain colour-pink for girls and blue for boys.

If the fingers of the same hand are so different, how can billions of people of the world be assigned a particular characterisation, based on things like gender? Why is that a certain work and jobs can be done only by just women and a whole different set of work, only by men?

As we progress as a society, we are gradually leaving these stereotypes behind. We now have women becoming fighter pilots and a few others performing fabulously in sports. These are fields which are generally considered to be a male bastion. While we have come a long way from a time even when women working outside of the house was frowned upon, a lot still needs to be done to confidently say that we are absolutely equal and fair society.

This inspiring video from Volvo Cars tells the story of Dr Komal Rao. Dr Rao is one woman who has become an inspiration for women. A Jeet Kune Do instructor, Rao is one of the very few Indian women mixed martial arts competitor. She is also the first Indian woman to have fought a man in Professional MMA cage fight. This video shows what goes behind the making of a champion like Rao.

Despite this, she describes herself to be like ‘just any other girl’. And she is not completely wrong. Women can achieve anything they set their hearts on. Not just Komal Rao, her mother Dr Seema Rao shattered the glass ceiling by becoming India’s first woman commando trainer, having trained the Special Forces for 20 long years without any compensation. This only goes on to prove that if they can, so can anybody else.

Volvo Cars as a company has been forwarding the cause of women empowerment through their relatable and powerful campaigns. Last year, they initiated a campaign #MakeYourCitySafe, calling women to join a midnight walk to reclaim public places. This year too, they have come up with a brilliant campaign #StandForSafety, urging everybody to stand up for safety and equality. The Logical Indian urges all to join Volvo Cars in this drive to bridge the gap and make society safe and equal for all.

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