Daman District Collector's Quick Action Help Save Life Of A Person Who Was Electrocuted

The District Commissioner of Daman, Dr Rakesh Minhas’s quick action save one of the two persons electrocuted by a high tension wire in Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

A surgeon by education, Dr Minhas happened to pass by Athal village near Haveli Farms, en route Daman from Silvassa, the spot where the incident took place. He saw a crowd and decided to stop his vehicle.

On realising that the two men were electrocuted, he, without wasting much time administered Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to the two men. While one of the men survived, the other man died as he had already suffered grave injuries.

The two workers were trying to attach the hook of a crane to a truck that had come off due to the heavy rains in the region. It was then that the crane came in contact with the wire and fell down to the ground.

While speaking to The Logical Indian, Dr Minhas said, “Basically those two people were electrocuted. I happened to pass by, that is when I saw a small crowd gathered. I realised that these two men were electrocuted and had fallen off from a great height. I gave CPR to one of the men, who was revived in 5 minutes. He is hospital now, recovering from his injuries. However, the second man had already undergone severe blood loss. He was revived in 15-20 minutes of CPR. Even in the ambulance, he had a feeble pulse, but at the hospital, he was declared brought dead.”

The Logical Indian appreciates Dr Minhas on taking quick action and saving a life. It also highlights the importance of public empathy. More often than not, in cases of accidents like these, the first few minutes are golden. Any action taken in this time duration can prove to be extremely crucial.

Secondly, first aid methods like that of CPR must be of common knowledge, which can come in handy in situations like these.

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