J&K: CRPF Jawans Put In A Heroic Effort To Save A Girl From Drowning
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J&K: CRPF Jawans Put In A Heroic Effort To Save A Girl From Drowning

Paramilitary forces and Military forces in India stand as the government’s go-to resource in the times of jeopardy.

Be it the increased tension on the borders, or a natural calamity hit-region, these forces can always be trusted to drive the situation under control.

In one of such valiant gestures, CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) Jawans saved a girl from drowning into a river in Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir.

The Video clip of the heroic effort

The CRPF personnel put in a brave effort to rescue the 14-year-old girl, and the video clip of his courageous effort has gone viral:

Nageena, the victim, can be seen being washed away by the fierce flow of the river, a bunch of officers ran towards her immediately to save her from drowning.

A couple of constables rushed through the stream to catch the hold of the girl, while others ran downstream in case the first two were not able to catch the girl.

In the end, constables MG Naidu and N Upendra were successful in saving the girl, according to the officials. The two constables belong to the 176th battalion of the CRPF.

The video has brought a lot of appreciation and applause for the jawans.

“Showing the great presence of mind and courage of the highest order and risking their lives, jawans M.G. Naidu and N. Upendra jumped to rescue the girl. Soon others came to help and formed a human chain to rescue the girl who was later identified as Nageena of Chanpora Kunzer, Baramulla,” the spokesperson said.

CRPF Director General R R Bhatnagar declared that the two jawans would be awarded the DG commendation disc for their “selfless devotion to duty and an exemplary act of saving the life of the girl.”

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