Bihar Govt Establishes Transgender Welfare Board, To Give Rs 1.5 Lakh For Sex Change Operation
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Bihar Govt Establishes Transgender Welfare Board, To Give Rs 1.5 Lakh For Sex Change Operation

In a major progressive development, the Bihar government has announced the formation of a transgender welfare board which will look into the problems of the LGBTQ community, while also safeguarding their rights.

In a landmark move, the state government also announced that it would be providing financial assistance of Rs 1.5 lakh to members of the transgender community if they wished to undergo a sex-change operation.

Formation Of The Bihar Rajya Kinnar Kalyan Board

While inaugurating the Kinnar Mahotsav, an annual cultural programme of the transgender community in Patna on July 14, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said, “If someone [from the transgender community] undergoes sex change operation, then the Bihar government would give ₹1.5 lakh.”

He also said that the newly formed Bihar Kinnar Kalyan Board (Bihar State Transgender Welfare Board) will be taking cognisance of the facilities being provided to transgenders in other states so as to implement in Bihar as well.

Additionally, stricter punishment for those who discriminate against transgenders have been announced. Now, those who refuse house on rent or medical facilities to them would be eligible for imprisonment ranging between six months to two years.

Pride March In Bihar

Very recently, on July 14, the International Non-Binary People’s Day, Patna had its own pride parade. In 2012, when the parade was organised in the city, only 20 people attended. But in 2019, the crowd was much larger, that is, 500. As part of the Bihar Pride Parade, the participants held a 500-meter-long Transgender Pride Flag.

The crowd marched a total of about 1.8 km, starting from historic Sahitya Samelan to Rajendra Nagar’s Prem Chandra Rangshala.

Transgender Rights Bill

The Union Cabinet recently approved Transgender Rights Bill stating that it provides a mechanism for social, economic and educational empowerment of transgenders by defining their identity and rights to prohibit discrimination against them.

As per few reports, after the bill faced fire from rights activists and the LGBTQ community for some of the provisions, now, the government is likely to bring amends as per which a person would be recognised as transgender by self-identification and not through a process of presenting before a screening committee.

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