A Step Towards Educating Girls Of India, ‘Worth Waiting For’ Initiative Is Making Wishes Come True

A Step Towards Educating Girls Of India, ‘Worth Waiting For’ Initiative Is Making Wishes Come True

There is always a beautiful dream to hold on to when there is nothing else! Dreams are precious, dreams are meticulous. It takes many little pearls of hopes to build a dream. Dreams are quite, silent prayers that spring from hearts full of aspirations. Dreams are those magical places from where great stories begin. A heartwarming film by MG tells beautiful tales of four little girls who all have but one wish, a wish to receive a quality education. These girls with twinkle in their eyes and desire in their hearts are essentially all those little girls in the country who wish to study and be someone!

The innocence of Kavya, Anjali, Zainab, Jhilmil and Ganga in the film are so pure that it melts many hearts. In their pursuit to chase their dreams, they try everything they have heard that makes the wishes come true. Every night Kavya waits for falling stars so that she could pray for her wishes. Anjali, on the other hand, has heard that tossing coins into the river can surely bring all dreams to life. Jhilmil, who looks like a rather contemplative girl draws a little book in stone and leaves it safe under a banyan tree. Zainab, who fills her vessel with water hopes to quench the thirst of at least one person to be able to earn ‘karma’ so that her wish gets fulfilled without any difficulty and Ganga sends a little note of her wish out through a local letterbox. The anticipating eyes of these children are wishing for nothing more than education.

Just like them, there are many girl children who wish to study. This Diwali, MG, as part of their commitment towards women empowerment, has stepped up to kindle the light of education for the girls with HECTOR. Many of you may not be aware of but under the brand’s ‘Worth Waiting For’ programme, the customers who book MG Hector are contributing significantly towards this social cause. For every single HECTOR sold in the country, MG in partnership with IIMPACT sponsors the education of at least one girl child. The brand extends its gratitude to all those people who wait for their HECTOR delivery for two weeks because their wait is directly helping a girl to transform her life through education.

It is beautiful to think that it is no one else but you who have helped children like Kavya, Anjali, Jhilmil, Zainab and Ganga make their wish come true because a part of your MG Hector purchase goes towards their education. The Logical Indian appreciates the initiative of the brand and each one of you for steering the country towards quality education for girls.

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