We Are Guilty Of This Crime Everyday, Now WE Need To Put An End To This

We Are Guilty Of This Crime Everyday, Now "WE" Need To Put An End To This

India has successfully sent men on moon, has the largest road network and second largest airport, has increased the literacy rate from 12.2 % to 74.04% and is a country which is now declared a polio-free.

However, the same country, our very own India India – largest exporter of numerous grains, pulses, vegetables, sugarcane and eggs – has not been able to put food in the plates of 20 crore people. India’s GDP from agriculture is 16.5% but still it ranks 97 out of 118 countries in the Global Hunger Index. At the same time, India wastes food worth Rs. 58,000 crore every year. We can of course blame the government and its public distribution system or the vast inequality in our country. Whereas the truth is that there is enough food to feed everyone in our country.

Even on an individual basis, knowingly or unknowingly, we all commit or witness this serious crime of wasting food everyday. Right from when we are growing up- as a student, you must have seen great amounts of food getting wasted in your school or college hostel canteens or as an employee at a corporate firm, you must have taken that extra chappati or seen your vendor throw away the leftover food in the dustbin. Food wastage at restaurants, weddings and events is something that most of us have witnessed but we are unaware of how we can actually help.

Now it’s time for each of us to step up and TAKE ACTION. Do something for the 20 crore Indians who need our help.

Join the World Food Week movement:

Every year Feeding India celebrates the World Food Week from 9 October to 16 October. This year the aim is to put a stop to massive food loss happening in India and use this excess nutritious high quality food to fight hunger by feeding people in need. People from all parts of the society ie. every citizen and organization is encouraged to come forward and commit their support towards solving food wastage and hunger for the next one year. #WorldFoodWeek

How will this help?

With the support of the public the end goal is to set up food distribution systems in most cities in India which will enable schools, colleges, companies, weddings, restaurants and individuals to donate excess nutritious food to the people in need.

What can you do?

9 – 16 October each day is dedicated to different individuals and organizations who will fight food wastage at their own level. This includes schools, colleges, corporates, individuals, restaurants, chefs, wedding and event planners. More than 250 stakeholders from each category are pledging to join the fight against food waste.

You can volunteer, spread awareness, join us on-ground this week, donate to setup the Magic Wheels in your city or just pledge your support. Fill this form here to get more information on the next steps.

The movement is being organized by Feeding India in collaboration with The Logical Indian, the largest youth-run a not-for-profit organization fighting the problem of food waste and hunger in the country.

“The key to better nutrition, and ultimately to ensuring each person’s right to food, lies in better food systems” were the words of, former, UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki-Moon, on the occasion of World Food Day last year.

Let’s put up a strong fight against one of the biggest problems that plague our country. Increased awareness and sustained action can truly help us in Feeding India.

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