[Video] Uber Driver Falls In Deep Sleep While Driving, Passenger Drives The Car To Destination

[Video] Uber Driver Falls In Deep Sleep While Driving, Passenger Drives The Car To Destination

There are lots of issues when it comes to public transport, that is why we use app based services. They are more comfortable and assure us of our safety. This incident happened with Ishaan Gill, who is regular user of Uber. He posted about it on his timeline. While commuting, he noticed that his driver was sleeping just before the car was going to hit a pole. Due to his alertness to the situation and quick thinking he just not only saved his life but also of the driver. He narrated the incident:

“The incident began on Sunday at 12:36 AM when I requested my Uber. the driver arrived half an hour late, which is expected and something we are all used to. We began our journey back to Dlf phase 2, Gurgaon, which is where I stay. During our journey to my home I noticed something a little off about my driver Ajay and asked him if all was okay? He continued to drive claiming everything was fine. When we reached Aurobindo Marg, I stopped texting and took a look at the road ahead. To my surprise, we had almost gone over the divider and hit a pole! I turned to my right to notice my Uber driver was asleep on the wheel! I shook him up thoroughly and it was at that point when he applied break in the nick of time. If we were any closer, I would not be typing this today.

Anyhow, I asked him what had happened and he responded saying “sorry saab, jaag rehne ke liye goliyaan li thi, ab chakar aa rahe hain” (I took pills to stay up longer, but I am now dizzy). I gave him the bottle of water lying next to me, showed him my drivers license and asked if I could drive the car if he was unable to. He happily insisted I do so and we carried on our journey back to Gurgaon. Even once we reached home, I was unable to wake him up to pay him cause he was fast asleep. I left 500 rupees and left him within my compound.

I am now receiving mails/calls from Uber telling me I should never have driven the car and instead requested a new one. My question to them is, what could I possibly do in the middle of nowhere at 1:30 AM with no 3G to request a new ride considering the first one took 30 minutes to arrive?”
– Ishaan Gill

The Logical Indian’s sincere appeal to all the riders and the drivers:

A) Stay Alert: As a passenger, your own safety should be a greater concern for you than the cab company! It is always important that we should be alert and don’t fall asleep when a driver who is not your regular driver is driving.

B) Prefer Life Over Money: We appeal to all the drivers not to drive when they are not well or unfit just to earn some more incentive.

‘Safety comes first!’

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