Watch Rap Song: Kodaikanal Wont Step Down Until You Make Amends Now!

Watch Rap Song: Kodaikanal Won't Step Down Until You Make Amends Now!

Through this video, Chennai-born rapper Sofia Ashraf has one message for the CEO, ‘Kodaikanal wont step down until you make amends now’!

Set to Nicki Minaj’s famous pop song “Anaconda,” this song asks Unilever to take responsibility for its mercury-related liabilities in Kodaikanal. Unilever and Paul Polman have been ignoring the workers for the past 14 years.

Share/Tweet with #UnileverPollutes and demand Unilever to cleanup # MercuryinKodai and compensate workers.

To know more about the issue and sign the petition: Unilever – Take responsibility for Kodaikanal mercury poisoning

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