The Lower Class People Chote Log

The Lower Class People "Chote Log"

Life is very beautiful, isn’t it! Whenever we go out to take up a promenade, we see the stupendous beauty of the environment around us; feel them with a whole lot of enthusiasm.

We feel the squeaky birds chirping with their pitched voice, the blazing sun that makes our life as fresh as a new born, the serene breeze tickling our presence! Well, these visions are quite far from what we actually see. Things are way different from what we imagine and things don’t tend to happen the way we want them to be. Don’t have to mention about the monotonous life we live.

So, what we actually see? A busy road with the rambling noise of a bunch of people moving around, vehicles honking tremendously, and of course, the breeze of pollute air tickling our presence! Yes! This is the reality. But we just got used to it, and we do like this life even if it is very less likely.

The question is who makes our life so easy and “livable”? There are many such people whom we come across every single day, and yet we barely care to notice them. It is a tragedy if we have to be reminded about what they do for our regards.

A cobbler stitches and polishes our shoes and not his! A sweeper sweeps the garbage to keep this city clean, not just his own house. In fact they never owned a proper house to keep it clean. Vendors sell the products of our needs, pushing and pulling a cart on the roads irrespective of the scorching sun. Barbers never looked beautiful or handsome, but are the reasons for us appearing so, if we do! Drainage cleaners are to be praised for what they do. Construction workers, bus conductors, daily wage workers, hotel servers, Panipuri walas, on road toy seller and the list goes on never ending! The so called “Chhote Log” or rather ‘The lower class people’ should mean a lot to us than what they are. They can proudly say that they do service to this country as they have a corruption free impact on the society than the corrupted elites. They are the people who deserve a more respectful life, and yet they merely are getting what they actually deserve.

Have you ever wondered about their daily earnings? Less than ten percent of what a middle class person earns? Will that be enough to run a family? Would that suffice their children’s needs, who are deprived of most of the things a child should have, just because they were born in such a family? They sometimes might have to sleep for the amount of time that we spend generally at a movie theater.

The hard truth is they work harder than any machine, and earn lesser than a vending machine! You might ask “How they are even related to us?”.

Though we can’t see the direct flow of link connecting us to them, there is something that we should see, being the citizen of India. First of all, there is no ‘us’ and ‘them’.

All of us should be equally treated with equal opportunities and benefits. No one is considered to be an asset or liability based on their class. It all depends on what we do, and not on what we are.

The definition of our lives relies upon the virtue of our existence. We live only if they live as they live serving our needs. In a way it’s a matter of mutual coexistence, where both are to be benefited. We might call them ‘The lower class’ but they’re the real ‘Upper class’ from the view point of the enormous amount of love they have for this society being the service provider for the whole country.

We do not see what they do, we live without the concern for their lives, but let’s at least give them what they deserve as the converse of this statement is a fact! Live and help those who find it difficult to live!

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Editor : Kumar Vishal Vishal

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