The Lazy Persons Guide To Saving The World By UN
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The Lazy Person's Guide To Saving The World By UN

It’s a harsh reality that climate change is real and there will be no tomorrow if we don’t act today. Acknowledging that each one of us can make a difference, United Nations came up with The Lazy Person’s guide to Saving the World. As it is always a dilemma for a common man to understand if, how and where to contribute to combat climate change and save the world. This guide ensures detailing of the simplest tasks we all must do if we wish a better tomorrow.

Based on individual’s motivation and comfort level, the guide has defined three levels of duties:

  • Things we can do from our couch and become Sofa superstar
  • Things we can do at home and become household hero
  • Things we can do outside our house and become neighborhood nice guy

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How can we become a sofa superstar?

Turn off the lights and take the plugs out when not in use, use paper sparingly to become a sofa superstar. Do print when it is extremely necessary. Make use of different apps and mobile features like calendar and digital post-it note as a substitute to diaries and ultimately avoid deforestation to an extent. Make productive use of social networking sites.

According to a report by the Times of India,

“India has over 460 million internet users in 2017, and this figure is sure to rise to 635.8 million by 2021. Cheaper smartphones and a ballooning telecommunications industry have together pushed the country to experience this ‘digital high’.

One aspect where India shares the characteristics of other internet users is its passion for social media. As Anand Thakkar, a social media expert says, there will be an estimated 358.2 million social network users in India by 2021, from the 216.5 million in 2016.”

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With the acknowledgment of the rampant internet usage globally, the guide suggests to do internet research and buy only from companies that have sustainable practices and don’t harm the environment.

Do inform about your actions to achieve the global goals by using the hashtag #globalgoals on social networks. Do stay informed. Follow local news and stay in touch with the Global Goals online or on social media at @GlobalgoalsUN. Do share any productive idea regarding climate change in the social networking sites.

Use your voice to ask local and national authorities to engage in initiatives that don’t harm people or the planet. Do voice your support for the Paris Agreement and ask your country to ratify it or sign it if it hasn’t yet.

The guide also connects us to a Link where we can calculate our carbon foot print and progress towards a climate neutral world.

How can we become a household hero?

Dry clothes naturally and avoid running the machine. Take short showers and avoid bathtubs. Replace old appliances with energy efficient models and light bulbs. Do composting as it can reduce climate impact and recycle nutrients. Eat less meat, poultry, and fish as more resources are used to provide meat than plants. Read a report by The Logical Indian to understand the effects of meat industry on climate change globally.

One can also become household hero by not wasting food. According to FAO Report, it is estimated that in India, more than 230 cubic kilometers of fresh water, enough to provide drinking water to 10 crore people a year, goes into producing food items that are ultimately wasted. It reported that Asian countries, especially India and China, were the worst culprits causing loss of 1.3 billion tons of food every year. Also, as rice crop emits methane, a potent global warming gas, because of the decomposition of organic matter in submerged paddy fields. So, its wastage means bigger environmental impact.

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Recycle and avoid landfills. Do invest in renewable energy, if possible to save natural resources and money too. Plug air leaks in windows and doors to increase energy efficiency. Use cardboard matches and avoid plastic gas-filled lighters. Buy minimally packaged goods.

How can we become a neighborhood nice guy?

Support neighborhood businesses and employed local people by shopping local. It also helps prevent trucks from driving far distances. Buy Funny Fruit (fruits and vegetables which are thrown out because of their size, shape, or color mostly labeled as not “right”). Buying these perfectly good funny fruit utilizes food that might otherwise go to waste. Bike, walk or take public transport. Save the car trips for journey with big groups. Use a refillable water bottle and coffee cup. Bring your own reusable bag when you shop.

Take fewer napkins. Shop vintage. Maintain your car as a well-maintained car emit fewer toxic fumes. Donate what you don’t use. Vaccinate yourself and your kids. Protect your family from disease as it aids public health. Take advantage of your right to elect the leaders in your country and local community and become a neighborhood nice guy.

The guide is easy to use and jargon-free ensuring a better understanding amongst the larger crowd. If we fulfill these duties today, we can hope for a better life in future.

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