Sonakshi Sinha Puts Full Stop To Cyber Bullying With The Logical Indian And Mission Josh
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Sonakshi Sinha Puts Full Stop To Cyber Bullying With The Logical Indian And Mission Josh

Sonakshi Sinha deactivated her account on Twitter. She felt that the platform was bringing in too much negativity and thus, she went off it.

Sonakshi Sinha has teamed up with Mansi Dhanak and Vinav Bhanawat from Mission Josh for the Campaign 'Full Stop To Cyber-Bullying'

"Social media was made with the intention to spread love and positivity. Unfortunately, it has become a toxic place with the rampant rise of cyber-bullying and mental harassment. I have been a victim of trolls and abuses myself. With mission Josh, our campaign aims to bring awareness to cyber-bullying, online trolling, cyber laws, and mental harassment. So far the episodes have been very insightful with conversations about online harassment with experts and victims, highlighting insights about the issues a lot of us have been facing and spread the message of cyber virus that is around us!"

The internet or social media to be specific was meant to bring people closer. However, owing to cyber-bullying, the same space has turned toxic. Be it an ordinary person or a celebrity, the cyberbullies and trolls leave no one. And thus, in order to put a full stop to such practices and people who hide behind the screen and indulge in such acts, Sonakshi Sinha has teamed up with Mission Josh.

This initiative includes Maharashtra Police & Special IGP Shri Pratap Dighavkar and is aimed to raise awareness about Cyber-Bullying, online harassment, trolling, mental impact Body shaming, etc have become a menace and have not only created toxicity of social media platforms but have also affected a lot of people on a mental level. In an endeavour to spread awareness on the subject, ways to deal with trolls, legal options, and start a constructive conversation, each episode has been designed to create awareness, educate about the important steps and laws.

Sonakshi Sinha deactivated her account on Twitter as well. She felt that the platform was bringing in too much negativity and thus, she went off it.

In the first episode Sonakshi spoke to Cyber Expert Ritesh Bhatia and Special IGP of Maharashtra, Shri Pratap Dighavkar along with Mansi & Vinav, to discuss the basics of Cyber-bullying and harassment along with legal options available to those being harassed.

In the second episode, Sonakshi spoke to Nirali Bhatia, a Cyber Psychologist, a nineteen-year-old girl Moira Sachdev -who was bullied and body shamed to such an extent that she was driven to attempting suicide by slitting her wrist, & Mansi and Vinav from Mission Josh.

Sonakshi apologised to Moira as she had to face such harassment and was moved by the story, Sonakshi shared a powerful message on the subject, she said, "Love yourself, be comfortable in your own skin, be kind to each other, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, all these phrases seem so profound and inspiring.

Today, when most of our contact with the world is virtual, even self-esteem is quantified by likes, shares, comments, followers. What people think of us, do they approve of our appearance, opinions, choices are not a matter of a private conversation, but it is out there for the world to see. Few seconds: utna hi lagta hai na type ugly, fat, thin, dumb, talentless, useless, and all sorts of nasty things. Those few seconds can leave someone scarred for life."

Mission Josh team has also stepped forward to help a few victims, one such person is Dhruv Shah who received rape threats for posting a video which was against sending rape threats, in the context of a comedian who faced abuses last month on social media.

The Logical Indian appreciates and supports Mission Josh in bringing an end to cyber-bullying. Together we can create a safe space where online trolls and laws related to cyber-bullying could benefit our community members.

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