A Social Entrepreneur, Devika Malik Is ‘Wheeling Happiness’ Through Her Effort To Enable People With Disabilities

A Social Entrepreneur, Devika Malik Is ‘Wheeling Happiness’ Through Her Effort To Enable People With Disabilities

NITI Aayog, through its initiative in collaboration with the United Nations, has come forward with the fourth edition of #WTIAwards2019 to recognise the efforts of women entrepreneurs who are challenging conventions and playing a pivotal role in #TransformingIndia. If you are one of those women entrepreneurs disrupting the status quo, get yourself identified by NITI Aayog by clicking here! Last day to register the names for the #WTIAwards2019 is 17th November 2019.

At 28, Devika Malik is an accomplished young woman: an athlete, an international medallist, a counsellor, a research scholar and a social entrepreneur. Despite being paralysed on one side, she did not let her courage dim down one bit. Devika has channelled her success in disability sports to influence inclusive policies both in India and abroad through her foundation, Wheeling Happiness.

Wheeling Happiness is an effort to enable people with disabilities from economically underserved communities to reach their full potential. The foundation conducts disability awareness and inclusion workshops in numerous schools and colleges across India. It advises public and private sector companies on designing inclusive employment and client services strategies. It also conducts accessibility audits; provides counselling, driving lessons, mobility aids and sports equipment; and facilitates access to public and private sector employment for economically disadvantaged persons with disabilities.

Wheeling Happiness has, for instance, built ramps in gyms and at the Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station in New Delhi. But while making public spaces accessible was and is a challenge, enabling people with disabilities to believe in their own capabilities is equally daunting. But for Devika, helping them realise their own potential and fulfil their dreams is a challenge she embraces. Devika is on the advisory panel of many national and international NGOs working on inclusion and has conducted advocacy workshops at theCommonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. She is a member of the drafting committee of the Global Disability Summit Charter for Children and Youth with Disabilities.

Impressed by her work, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi recognised the consistent effort of Devika. She was also awarded the Queen’s Young Leader Award by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in 2015. Devika plans to partner with corporations to conduct awareness campaigns for people with disabilities in rural areas, and to expand support for women and girls with disabilities to become sportspersons.

To conclude, if you are one such woman entrepreneur or you know one of such women entrepreneurs playing a significant role in #TransformingIndia through their remarkable enterprises, don’t forget to get their names identified at NITI Aayog’s #WTIAwards2019. Click here!

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