Haven For Nature Enthusiasts, ‘Nature In Focus’ Festival Is Back With Its Sixth Edition In Bengaluru

Haven For Nature Enthusiasts, ‘Nature In Focus’ Festival Is Back With Its Sixth Edition In Bengaluru

A dash of sunlight and a pleasant breeze from the window every morning is one in a million ways in which nature caresses us. A metaphor of fertility; ‘nature and wildlife’ is a thread that ties together all forms of existence on earth. Although there are many ways to celebrate this marvel of biodiversity, it’s time we also acknowledge the efforts of the various environmentally-conscious communities who are constantly creating awareness among people about ‘nature and wildlife’ through avenues like photography and films, to say the least.

The sixth edition of Asia’s premier nature and wildlife festival, ‘Nature in Focus” (NiF) is back. This year around, the festival is scheduled to go on for three days, starting August 2nd at the Chamara Vajra in Bengaluru. The NiF Festival will observe the participation of thousands of nature and wildlife lovers, especially photography and film enthusiasts since NiF Film awards have also been announced this year, in addition to the NiF Photography awards.

Besides the Awards, the Nature inFocus Festival will also host a 120 image photography exhibition.

The film presentation is going to be another major aspect of the festival. This edition of the NiF will see the presence of some powerful speakers from across the globe such as Environmental Historian Mahesh Rangarajan; Wildlife Filmmaker Rolf Steinmann; Wildlife Conservationist Vivek Menon; Scientist Aparajita Datta; Wildlife Biologist Ravi Chellam; Wildlife Photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee; Ecologist Harini Nagendra; Wildlife Photographer Anish Andheria; and Wildlife Filmmaker Joanna Van Gruisen among others.

Founded in 2014 by Kalyan Varma and Rohit Varma, Nature in Focus is a platform where photographers, filmmakers, conservationists and researchers come together to showcase their work, stay informed on global happenings and discuss important topics of conservation and more.

The Logical Indian appreciates ‘Nature in Focus’ for not just bringing together the fragments of nature enthusiastic communities and rewarding them but also for helping drive a collective public conscience towards the most fundamental aspect of existence- nature itself.

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