My Story: They Shot A Video Of Me Changing My Clothes Without My Consent

Bharat Nayak

June 13th, 2016 / 2:49 PM

Source: Girls at Dhabas

“Today at around 12 AM, while on the phone with my friend I heard someone knocking on my window, and pointing to this note. I live in a fully gated colony (askari 1 apartments) and the window of my room looks out into a communal garden. Despite this, three guys in their early 20s were able to open my window and make videos of me changing my clothes. They slipped this note in and asked me to read it. I got pissed at their audacity because at first I thought it was them slipping their cell phone numbers to me, but upon their insistence, I opened and read this note. Once I had, they demanded that I come outside right now and listen to what they had to say to me. When I said no, they said it more forcefully ‘baahir nikal, tujhe batatay hain’ at which point I absolutely lost it and stormed outside my room with my father to give them a piece of my mind. However, they ran away before I was able to catch them but I made sure that my whole colony woke up and heard what happened. The questions that followed were basically polite jabs at my character: why was her window open? Are you sure she’s not involved with one of the boys? As if any of that matters when somebody took videos of me in my room, without my consent and then had the audacity to try and blackmail me without any fear of consequence because they knew they could get away scot free and they have. Consent for females isn’t even a concept in this country and I am done with it. I am done. This is not the first time I have been sextorted, nor am I the only woman going through it. So when you all whine about the extremists in our government, the rapists roaming free, the level of sexual and physical abuse women face in their homes, know that it doesn’t come from a vacuum. The men doing these things are your sons, your brothers, your fathers and yourself. STOP ENABLING THIS TO HAPPEN TO THE WOMEN. Ghar main kaid kero aur WAHAN bhi jeena haraam ker dou.

P.S: share this as much as you like, if you like, but do it without my name to assuage my father’s concerns. Honestly, my name is not important in the least.”

hum fazool mein shorr macahate rehte hain na? but how can we expect ourselves to fix our disturbing reality when we’re not even willing to acknowledge it? Props to this girl for writing about it, speaking up …. because most of us don’t. most of us shut each other up and pretend keh sab set hai. Normally I’d write a long, analytical nuanced post explaining why sth is problematic and why we need to fight against it… but this doesn’t need explanation. no one needs to be explained why this is fucked up.

I have no idea what to say, what to write, except that is it that difficult to make our world safe? laanat hai hum sab pe.”

The Logical Indian community applauds the girl for fighting back and putting this on social media to call out the hypocrisy of those people who questioned her character, instead of questioning those who entered into a gated community and shot a video of her.  This story should act as an eye-opener for everyone who believe these kinds of incidents happen only in movies.

We as the society need to fight back and give hope to those who go through these kinds of horrific experiences daily. 

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