If Mischief Can Save The World From Melancholy, Sometimes It’s Good To Be Bad

If Mischief Can Save The World From Melancholy, Sometimes It’s Good To Be Bad

The new generation of people have indeed put on their superhero cape and are breaking rules to save the world from shrinking into melancholy. But anyone who breaks the norm, sets the rulebook on fire comes off as the ‘bad guy’. However, in all honesty, isn’t it “good to be bad sometimes”?

It would be so tedious to bottle ourselves into virtues that have been impressed upon us since childhood, teaching us to see good from bad. Haven’t we all broken the rules to taste a little freedom? There have been days when we have lied at home to experience how beautiful the city streets look at night. We have broken the rules to include and be inclusive of people who are different from us. And also pushed the boundaries even if that meant breaking bad.

While it is convenient to play by the book, there is no fun in it. Take the anti-hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe “Venom”, the role of the protagonist comes off as quite iconic in this regard. Being a sinister parasite, he teams up with his host to wage a war against his own kind to stand for what’s right.

Mischief you call it? Well, it’s one trait that emerges when least expected not just in the character of Venom but quite honestly in all of us. To get this aspect out there to the young and carefree lot, &flix has come up with a quirky rap that plays on repeat in the mind. It whips up many unconventionally relatable idiosyncrasies of ‘the mistaken supervillain’ who we can’t help, but fall in love because in spirit, aren’t we all just the same?

‘Venom’ is an alien character that does not qualify as “all things nice”. This Marvel film that has concerned itself with the theme of “the world has enough superheroes” sets a great paradigm shift from the ideal superhero narrative and gives its viewers the ultimate daunting anti-hero. Celebrating the evil inside everyone, graffiti artists have painted the walls in Mumbai & Chennai taking inspiration from #VenomInMyVeins. Through this, the aim is to inspire the audience to embrace their inner self and celebrate the dark side inside them.

It’s not all that necessary to detach oneself from your imperfections to be a hero. Let’s face the fact that it’s about time we get more real and relatable saga of “save the world”. Because after all, you don’t have to be quintessential to pull off a “superhero”. You can be just like #Venom.

You can watch the World TV Premiere of Venom on 26th of May 2019 at 1 PM and 9 PM only on &flix.

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