Microsign, A Company That’s Signing Its Impact With A More Inclusive Workforce

Microsign, A Company That’s Signing Its Impact With A More Inclusive Workforce

Microsign, a small scale enterprise is specialized in developing products like clips, clamps, cable tie based on customer’s need and design. The company whose 60% workforce is differently-abled started in 1979 in Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

What’s even intriguing is the fact that this workforce masters its work without any special training, with an on-the-job learning experience. Apart from setting a benchmark in inclusiveness by integrating the differently-abled, this company promotes no hierarchy of structure. All members are assigned specific jobs that define their functional role in the organisation. No titles or designation are used. The workers have full accessibility of the facilities and it’s the same for every member of the team including the CEO. The communication network is quite open and flexible with the supervisor’s role being that of a coach.

“The differently-abled people in my company are well adjusted, a better performer, unlike popular notion, I don’t need to put any extra effort into them. Though we have divided sectors of work according to their comfort. Actually many times they perform better than the normal workforce,” said Mr Nisheeth Mehta, the CEO of Microsign.

Microsign, A Company That’s Signing Its Impact With A More Inclusive Workforce
Mr Mehta (2nd from right) presenting the Microsign model at the Future of Work Conference, ILO, Geneva.

But, hiring a huge population of differently-abled in their company is never detrimental to the quality standards of the company. “I can proudly say that we strictly adhere to our quality standards and are very punctual in our delivery process. And that’s the reason we are able to progress so fast without any marketing and product promotions,” says Mr Mehta.

Microsign is participating in Divya Kaushal job fair on 2nd and 3rd December 2019 at Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences, Dwarka, Delhi. The job fair is being organized jointly by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Inclusive Divyangjan Entrepreneur Association (IDEA). The job fair will provide suitable job opportunities for Divyangjan and create a forum for companies to interview and select the workforce. Companies and Candidates can register online here.

The CEO of Microsign is highly ambitious about his company’s future objectives. He is aiming at a larger space and increased production capacity. But first and foremost he wants to improve the workspace facilities and accessibility, especially for those who are disabled.

“My main future objective is to ensure more ramps and other specialized for them. I am also planning to start departmentalisation to make their job easier,” says Mr Mehta.

With an indomitable cultural expression comprising of desires, destination and dreams that any form of disability can never steal away, Mr Nisheeth Mehta wants to further ignite his passion of helping the society through his charitable organisation named ‘Center for Excellence’. This NGO aids to a more inclusive, happier and healthier life for all by initiating excellent support to the field of various social spheres like education and skill-building, art and culture and sports. “Promoting art, craft and sports help in better progress and coordination in the society”, Nisheeth Mehta.

About NSDC

NSDC is a public-private partnership working under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Established in 2009, NSDC aims to promote skill development by catalyzing the creation of large, quality and for-profit vocational institutions. It provides funding to enterprises, companies and organizations to build scalable and profitable vocational training initiatives. The organization is mandated to create and nurture a sustainable support system focussing on capacity development, quality assurance, information systems and market intelligence.

About IDEA

IDEA was formed in March 2019, as a platform to work on livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities and enterprises that work with PwDs. It focuses on creating entrepreneurship and employment for PWDs. The promoting organizations are working with PWDs (promoting enterprises and/or creating employment) and led by PWDs. The mission of IDEA is to enhance employment opportunities, economic and personal well-being and independence to make them self-sustained and contributing members of our society. The goal of IDEA is to create 5,000 Divyangjan (specially-abled) entrepreneurs and employment for 1,00,000 PwD/Divyangjan in next five years (by 2024).

The Logical Indian as an awareness partner for NSDC and IDEA invites you to actively participate and make this Divya Kaushal fair a successful event for candidates, employers, social entrepreneurs, funding agencies and government agencies. The idea is to help you hire people with disabilities, offer franchisee and other business opportunities, connect with like-minded organisations, and also exhibit your case studies. For online registration please click here.

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