“Indian Media Is Spreading Fake News”: Sri Lankans Outrage Over Reporting On Bomb Blasts
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“Indian Media Is Spreading Fake News”: Sri Lankans Outrage Over Reporting On Bomb Blasts

Sri Lankans on Twitter expressed that the Indian Media are spreading fake news about the bombings which the Sri Lankan media haven’t reported about.

A temporary Social Media block is in effect in the Island nation since Sunday in the wake of the deadly bombings that have claimed over 290 lives and injured 500. Popular Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp were blocked in a move to curb the spread of “False News Reports”. Youtube, Snapchat and Viber are also experiencing a temporary block.

Twitter seems to be the only social media platform unaffected and is active and vocal in dismissing the fake news that is emanated.

Fake news #1: The names of the suspected suicide bombers from the serial blasts in Sri Lanka.

There is no official report ‘naming’ the suicide bombers. However, a few news sources have named the suspect as a certain Zahran Hashim claiming him to be the reported suicide bomber behind the attack at Shangri La Hotel. It also claimed, “According to top Intel sources, Hashim wanted to attack the Indian High Commission in Colombo on April 4.”

The Twitterati were quick to notice and brought this to attention that it is false news.

Fake News #2: Majoritarian groups behind the Attack

Few reports and Twitterati alleged the blasts as a work of Majoritarian groups. However, the latest reports confirm the terror attacks are the works of Islamic National Thowheeth Jama’ath, who employed 7 suicide bombers to accomplish the series of coordinated blasts across the country.

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in the wake of curbing the spread of misinformation tweeted:

Here are samples of other Fake news reports posted by Twitterati:

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