For Electricians, Diwali Is Little Lights And Loads Of Hard Work, Its Time To Salute Their Spirit

For Electricians, Diwali Is Little Lights And Loads Of Hard Work, Its Time To Salute Their Spirit

Diwali, the festival of lights, is about crisp new dresses, vibrant rangolis, glittery gift wraps, mouth-watering sweets and even sweeter smiles, while twinkling lights and dazzling firecrackers outshine the night sky beaded with stars.

Amidst all the celebrations, we often fail to realise the sacrifice of many, whose untiring efforts ensure our Diwali enthusiasm does not fizzle out for one moment. They gracefully cater to each and every one of our needs even if that means missing out on celebrating with their own families. Among them are our electricians.

From untangling coils of fairy lights or setting up new plug points for the Diwali lamps to fixing minor and major glitches in the power circuits, an electrician knows little rest on Diwali. On his way from one house to another festive venue, maybe he is planning to surprise his little one with a box of phuljhari, only to be interrupted by a client call for repairing a chandelier. Yet he smilingly attends every home, brightening up everyone’s Diwali.

How Shankar spends his Diwali

Shankar is one such electrician. He came home on Diwali eve after an exhausting workday. Greeted by exuberant smiles of his family, Shankar was about to decorate his own home with some old, dimmed string-lights. The person who radiates every other home in the town has limited means and time to lighten up his own home. Soon, an ever-smiling Shankar was compelled to set out for fixing the connection at a distant house, leaving his own home in shadows. Responsibilities outweighed Shankar’s wish to spend the festival with his dearest ones.

On his way, he spotted a boy like his son, buying crackers with his father. Heaving a sigh, he consoled himself with an unknown silent promise.

At the house, he was welcomed with a question – “Why are you so late?” – to which Shankar had nothing to answer but smile. His expertise soon made the lights in the room glow up like magic. Content with the smiles he flowered today, a tired Shankar headed home, only to find a surprise awaiting him.

Come Home To Celebrations

Legrand, as a brand has resolved to honour these unsung heroes this Diwali. As part of their initiative, they decided to make this Diwali a bit different for Shankar. During his absence, Legrand team had dropped in his home to adorn his humble abode in bright festive colours, so that Shankar could come home to celebrations.

Shankar is one of the lakhs of electricians whose homes would be lighted up this year by Legrand, to mark their brilliant initiative – Come Home To Celebrations.

This Diwali, before we dive into the festive frolic, we should take a moment to appreciate, and if possible, applaud the sincere efforts of these unsung heroes. The Logical Indian team salutes the beautiful initiative by Legrand and wishes everyone a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

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