Do You Want To See Your Future? This Interactive Video Opens Up The Future In Front Of Your Screen

Do You Want To See Your Future? This Interactive Video Opens Up The Future In Front Of Your Screen

Come to think, there is a lot that goes into building a good life. If only one knew the ways in which the current choices can reflect into the future, we’d be making more informed decisions today.

This one of its kind interactive video lets you take a sneak-peek into the distant future and discover if it looks the way you’ve always imagined. Here’s what people had to say about this video.

“The video was an eye-opener for me because till now I had never given a thought to life after retirement. Expecting a new addition to the family soon I have made some investments to ensure the financial stability but now I feel I must include retirement plan as well.” Saneesh Cherian, Head of Business, The Logical Indian

“This demonstration made me take a plunge into the possibility of what my life could be after thirty years from now”, Ankit Kumar, Technology Lead, Infosys

“Most of my family members are in government jobs who are either serving the state government or the central. I have, therefore, lived in an environment where people become pensioners and do not pursue retirement plans extensively. It’s been 8 years since I have been working in the private sector but frankly, I never cared about retirement plans all these years until I watched this video. I am already considering going for a retirement plan before it is too late”, Ankur Kumar, Branded Content Specialist, The Logical Indian

“The video breaks away from the common belief that it’s never too late to start something. Retirement plans must be made at the right time to ensure the best scenario for the future.”, Saurabh Prakash, System Analyst, ANZ

“The video makes you realize how important it is to plan today for a better and more secure tomorrow. The sense of security you get with each passing planned year will allow you to enjoy all the good things in life.”, Vinay Prabhakar, Manager, Operations and Partnerships, The Logical Indian

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