Do you have a Grand Vision For India? Participate in ‘India2030Contest’ With GovernEye To Win Big

Do you have a Grand Vision For India? Participate in ‘India2030Contest’ With GovernEye To Win Big

Democracy – For the people, by the people, of the people! Goes without saying, it is through people that democracy finds its strength. However, in a world where unmonitored social media spread fake news and propaganda instead of promoting a just and constructive argument that fairly represents all perspectives, the essence of democracy somehow takes a blow. GovernEye is a simple yet effective solution to these disjunct democratic discussions on social media. It is a comfortable space to have political discussions – share a vision with a wide audience without any fear of trolling or abuses. Simply put, an output of any discussion must do value addition in the form of evolved understanding, insights or, sometimes, even cash rewards.

GovernEye, in its bid to put together citizens and politicians across diverse democratic roles under one umbrella to ignite a fair and holistic discussion, is running a contest on their app that goes by the hashtag #India2030Contest. The subject ‘Grand Vision For India 2030’ seeks people’s participation as responsible and aware citizens not just because it’s of foremost importance, but a part of its value addition also involves multiple cash rewards starting with INR 1 lakh to the person who posts the most unique, informative and insightful post. Vidhi Jain, Vice President-Operations of GovernEye said, “Considering we are surrounded by a very negative social media environment these days, I feel that this contest is a great way to visualize a positive future for our nation. That’s what GovernEye has been made for in the first place.”

GovernEye is an exclusive one-of-a-kind platform where citizens and even policymakers can communicate without any fear of unsolicited mudslinging. Standing tall against the backdrop of regular social media platforms like twitter and facebook that continue to be places where one is vulnerable to personal attacks, GovernEye is a conducive space for political discourses where foul language and fake information is aggressively screened out from sliding into comments or posts. The app stands out for its virtue of constructive exchange of ideas and rational criticism without any fear. “We want the common man of India to be able to have a voice. Without fear. We want every Indian to be informed about the diverse views of other citizens from equally diverse backgrounds. That’s what will make the public discourse truly democratic and that will help in realizing a truly democratic vision for India in the future.”, added Vidhi.

The Logical Indian appreciates the initiative taken by GovernEye to make a conducive platform for an unbiased and holistic discourse on politics and democracy.

To participate in this contest, click here.

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