Thousands Of Hindu Devotees Discussed Menstrual Hygiene At Shri Ram Katha In Rishikesh
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Thousands Of Hindu Devotees Discussed Menstrual Hygiene At Shri Ram Katha In Rishikesh

On May 28, around 5,000 volunteers, pilgrims, devotees and religious students gathered at Rishikesh, a city in the foothills of Himalayas, to discuss menstruation on Menstrual Hygiene Day- a topic often not discussed in public.

This rare occasion was to publicly discuss and celebrate menstrual hygiene, with a well-known Hindu ceremony called Ram Katha, under the theme: “Breaking the silence advocacy campaign” for spreading awareness among participants about benefits of Menstrual Hygiene and for the adoption of the best practices.

Even today when India has achieved great heights, some parts of the country consider normal bodily functions like menstruation to be taboo and impure. This event was to dispel this narrative and break silence on this serious issue.

Mensuration Hygiene Management

Pujya Swamiji, a national religious leader and the co-founder of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, and Sadhvi Bhagawatiji, GIWA Secretary-General, both gave month-long discourses known as Shri Ram Katha. They received massive participations who were then asked to pledge for menstruation hygiene management.

They also asked participants to leave the traditional argument and taboo behind and embrace the changes.

Pujya Swamiji said that it has never happened in past that the topic of menstruation was discussed at Ram Katha. Explaining the need for such discussion, he said that strong and successful mothers make for a stronger and successful nation and for that, ensuring their menstrual hygiene is important.

Pujya Swamiji and Sadhvi Bhagawatiji, also displayed the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council’s Menstrual Hygiene Wheel, the prototype of the wheel was printed on special MHM bracelet, symbolising a commitment to work together towards this vital cause.

Sadhvi Bhagawatiji said, “If our mothers did not have menstruations, we would not be here; […] so menstruation is the symbol, the reminder of that divine creative power in the women, it is not a time to be down, it’s a time to be up! It is a time to remember. I have menstruation because I have the creative mother goddess in me,” said Sadhvi Bhagawatiji.

The Honourable American Ambassador to India, Mr Kenneth Juster, have also shown their presence in the event for discussing future partnership actions with GIWA and WSSCC.

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