UP District To Start Cow Census To Prevent Slaughter; Will Register NSA Against Culprits
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UP District To Start Cow Census To Prevent Slaughter; Will Register NSA Against Culprits

In order to hold a discussion on ways to curb cow slaughter, a cow census was called at a public gathering by the Superintendent of police of Kasganj in Bhargain village, UP, which is under Patiyali police jurisdiction.

What was discussed?

According to SP Ashok Kumar Shukla, after discussing the issue with the district magistrate, it was decided that a register will be maintained by every village in the district, where names of persons and families who own cows will be added, including details about how many cows a person possesses.

Further, a “Gaurakshan Samiti” will be created in every gram panchayat, which will have a gram pradhan, a village watchman, a lekhpal, a panchayat secretary, a beat constable and a beat sub-inspector as its members. A tab will be kept by the committee on cow slaughter and cases related to smuggling.

“The census will be completed via December 15 and for the following two months we can practice how a lot we have now succeeded in curbing the malpractice of cow slaughter and smuggling. National Security Act and Gangster Act will be invoked in opposition to any person involved in such activities,” said Shukla.

Kasganj is the first district to conduct a cow census

According to the 2011 census, the state has seven blocks, 425-gram panchayats, and 711 villages with a population of 7.6 lakh people in 2.3 lakh households. Out of this huge population, the administration of Kasganj happens to be the first to conduct a cow census, reported The Times of India.

Gram Pradhan of Ganjdundwara block’s Sujawalpur, Wasim Khan, welcomed the move and said that everybody’s sentiments must be respected. It is important for everyone to come together and prevent cow slaughter if it hurts the sentiments of a community. He further said that to conduct the cow census, their full cooperation will be there.

“The register will also record purchase, sale, death, birth and ways and practices of cremating a cow after its death,” Khan said.

The Logical Indian take

Cow is treated as an extremely sacred as a sanctified animal in India. With a lot of debate on slaughter and consumption of cows, there were several incidents of cow-related violence in India, including mob lynching of people accused, sometimes even wrongly, of smuggling and eating cows.

The Wire reported that since 2012, 29 people have been murdered in cow-related violence, 25 of whom were Muslims. Violent campaigns against the consumption of beef have led to several murders. Innocent Muslim men have been killed and robbed and in many cases, their property damaged. These criminals, driven by reckless populism, have terrorized minority communities.

A cow census to prevent the slaughter and smuggling of cows, any day, is a much more logical approach than violence and brutality. The Logical Indian hopes this new census does not spark any untoward incident from happening.

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