15 Aug 2017 11:55 AM GMT

[Video] A Billion Voices, A Million Expressions, One Feeling.

The Logical Indian Crew

August 15th, 2017

There’s no place like home. The journey of our life starts and ends in a home. A cozy bed, the loving arms of your family, your favorite corner…all of this comes together to make for a place of love and comfort. India, being a diverse country with multilingual communities, might make us feel disconnected from the city we live in.

Indiabulls Home Loans gathered singers from around the country to convey this common sentiment, that a city can only feel like your own after you’ve created your special place within it. When you have a home that is your own. That at the end of the day all any of us wants to do is celebrate #AHomeCalledIndia.

After all, what makes us all connected is the security we experience when we feel at home.

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