Bihar Flood: This Group Of Student Volunteers Are Extending Help To Flood Victims

Bihar Flood: This Group Of Student Volunteers Are Extending Help To Flood Victims

Bihar is facing severe flood resulting in the death of at least 90 people. Additionally, nearly 60 lakh people have been affected within 97 blocks and 921 panchayats spread across 12 districts.

The condition continues to worsen in neighbouring districts of India in Nepal like Madhubani, Darbhanga, and Sitamadhi, pointing to greater dangers for Bihar in coming days. Many people living in these districts have not been able to receive relief materials from the government because of the non-availability of transportation and lack of political will. However, thanks to a local student organization, Mithila Student Union (MSU) who have now become a beacon of hope as they have come forward to lend their support in these areas

As soon as the flood-hit the northern state, the MSU called all it’s volunteers and hundreds came forward to help and started taking up relief works relentlessly. The volunteers extended their helping hands in almost all areas of flood-ravaged Mithilanchal area.

From supplying food, water, clothes, medicines and various other life saving essentials like hygiene kits, blankets, utensils, clothing, water purifier, to setting up make-shift relief camps for the flood victims, Mithila Student Union actively participated in all phases of the flood relief activities while also working closely with other NGOs in the areas.

Yellow Soldier

The volunteers of the group are easily recognisable and are locally called “Pila Senani”(Yellow Soldier), as they wear Yellow t-shirt. They work day & night without any self-interest and with an intention to provide immediate assistance to the affected families.

In the first phase, 8,000 food packets and packed water bottle were provided to flood victims. The MSU volunteers had to walk for a few kilometres with relief materials, sometimes on their head, to reach the victims as the roads have been completely broken or flooded.

Rescued more than 10,000 people

Along with the help of the local public and volunteers, MSU has been able to rescue more than 10,000 people till now. It has also organised several medical camps with help from Rotary Club, especially for children as they are most vulnerable to water-borne diseases. The volunteers are not only rescuing humans but also stranded cattle as their owners have not been able to take them to safe places.

MSU is running several makeshift kitchens, with help from local people, in order to provide people with hot and healthy meals at the rescue centres.

People Donating generously

Earlier, the group used to collect donations from villagers but now they have appealed on social media. A lot of people, impressed with their work are now sending essential items and money generously.

Unfortunately, the group has got little or no help from the government. One of the volunteers of the group told The Logical Indian, “We lack resources, training but still we are putting our lives at risk to help others. We have received no help from District administrations and the government of Bihar.”

Alleged Mismanagement On Govt’s Part

The National President of MSU, Avinash Bharadwaj told The Logical Indian, “Our prime motive is to help people in distress and to make sure that the essential items and money reach people who are in dire need of it. Once the rains subside, we will help them get back to their normal lives as soon as possible. This flood has exposed the Bihar government, as they have no intention to help. We haven’t seen any government services or efforts to help people. Moreover, some government employees and public representative are involved in rampant corruption of relief material.”

He further added that social media greatly helped the group, from information dissemination to asking people for donations. “There are many who don’t use social media, for them we have helpline numbers, they can call us any time, in case of emergency,” he further added.

Recently, when the children in Bihar were suffering from Acute Encephalitis, MSU Volunteers extended their support by organising medical camps. The organisation has a clear vision helping others and they have received a lot of success and praise.

You can also extend your helping hand to the people of Bihar, Contribute to MSU

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