Hyderabad: No Road No Vote, Citizens Fed Up With Administrative Apathy Start Campaign

Hyderabad: "No Road No Vote", Citizens Fed Up With Administrative Apathy Start Campaign

Reportedly, at least two women have suffered a miscarriage due to damaged roads in Ameenpur, Hyderabad. Incidentally, the residents have been complaining about the deplorable condition of the roads for a very long time now.

“There are around 20-speed breakers within four kilometre stretch from Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) to Ameenpur. There are a number of potholes on Ameenpur roads, street lights are not working and there are drainage problems. We have complained several times to appropriate government officials and also submitted our complaint to the collector during the ‘prajavani’ programme, but there was no response.” Said G Venkat Arun Kumar, President of Ameenpur Joint Ventures Association(AJVA) to The Logical Indian.

“Please give us proper roads, please give us proper street lights, please provide us with basic amenities of having proper drainage system” Venkat further added. Tired of authorities apathy and growing inconvenience, citizens have launched “No Road No Vote” campaign.

Why “No Road No Vote” campaign?

This campaign was started on September 30. “We are not asking for construction of new roads, all we demand is to fill the potholes, to remove unnecessary speed breakers and fix the drainage system. Many accidents have taken place due to the bad condition of roads. We have seen very bad situations so far, it’s been six months since we have been complaining to the Collector, the RDO and the Municipal Commissioner, but not even a single measure has been taken by the government,” said Venkat.

Previously Ameenpur was under Gram Panchayat. On August 1, 59 Gram Panchayats were upgraded to Municipalities. Ameenpur is one among them. “When we complained to our municipal commissioner, he said ‘Ameenpur is like a small baby, it will take time to open bank accounts for transferring treasure amount’. But how long it will take to open bank accounts? Till then how many incidents should we see?” Venkat added.

“We decided, from now on, unless our roads get repaired we will continue the campaign ‘No Road No Vote’.” Said Kamal, the General Secretary of AJVA.

We are facing many problems: Ameenpur Residents

“Ameenpur is a developing area, most of the residents here are working in Pharmaceutical companies and IT sector. Around 20,000 thousand people live here. Recently two-women miscarried their pregnancy by travelling on this road, which is filled with a number of potholes, speed breakers. These are not small potholes, whenever we go through the road we feel nauseous due to the jerks.” RK Yadav, Ameenpur resident told to The Logical Indian.

“I lost my baby, do you know how hard it is for a woman? I have no other option to travel to my office, except this road. But once see the situation of roads, it is full of potholes and speed breakers, ” one of the affected women expressed her angst to The Logical Indian.

“I met with an accident on Bandamkommu road. I was in normal speed, but my bike skidded off when I lost my control over it. I went and hit an auto. My leg fractured badly with injuries. I am the only person earning in my family and doctor suggested me to take three-month bed rest, now who will take care of my family?” said another victim to The Logical Indian. The citizens say that the persons with health issues especially senior citizens often face severe discomfort due to this. The condition of roads are said to worsen during the rainy season.

Ameenpur Damaged Roads
Ameenpur residents filling potholes by their own money and work to avoid accidents

Ameenpur Damaged Roads
Ameenpur residents participating in the clean-up drive.

After much uproar on social media, responding to same, K.Taraka Rama Rao, Minister of Industry, Municipal Administration, Telangana retweeted saying “Will visit soon brother”. However, It has been over 45-days since KTR has tweeted but has not visited the place, said one of the residents.

The Logical Indian Take

India has a lot of schemes to develop infrastructure. Even in Telangana they have prajavani scheme, were citizens can address complaints to the collector, but we don’t see that all complaints were resolved. Citizens are forced to come down to roads and protest, to fulfil their demands. The Logical Indian hopes, that Ameenpur resident issues are solved as soon as possible. The Logical Indian applauds Ameenpur residents for choosing their Right to Vote as a weapon and their initiative ‘No Road, No Vote.’

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