This Homegrown Denim Brand Nails Fashion Game While Committing Towards Sustainability

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This Homegrown Denim Brand Nails Fashion Game While Committing Towards Sustainability

'Freakins' is a homegrown womenswear denim brand. Launched in 2018, the clothing start-up has been clocking an impressive turnover and now is investing in designing environment-conscious apparel.

Denim is one fashion trend that never goes out of style. Be it summer or winter season, it is always an essential part of our wardrobe. From simple, classic to the latest designs aimed to provide comfort, the clothing material can take one's fashion game to a different level. Mainstream brands like Levis, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Wrangler have been ruling this apparel market for a long. However, a few homegrown brands have also been able to make their mark over the years.

One such brand is Ahmedabad-based 'Freakins'—an exclusive womenswear denim brand. Launched in 2018, this young start-up's products are now available across the country, clocking an estimated turnover of ₹12 crores annually. In just three years, the brand's strategy has evolved tremendously. From going utterly automated in terms of research to launching fit stores across the country and introducing home trials during the pandemic, the brand's growth trajectory is on an upward spike.

The company was started as an experiment by Shaan Shah, who is the co-founder and CEO of the brand. Shah co-invested ₹10 lakh to design and manufacture a few denimwear samples and tried selling them in the market. On getting a good response, he decided to launch his own collection in November 2018, and now, the homegrown brand is reportedly reaping profits every year.

Their winning strategy? Turning 'Design to Delivery' within two weeks, with a full vertical set-up!

12 Crore Annual Turnover

Shaan's love and immense passion for high-quality, pure fabrics inspired him to start the venture. "I began my journey with the compassionate motive of providing superior quality garments at pocket-friendly rates to turn customers fashionable," Shah told The Logical Indian.

The young entrepreneur is responsible for the collaborations and associations along with the comprehensive business development of the brand. He believes in the motto - 'Adjust, Adapt and Accept' to keep up with the constantly changing trends in the market.

Recognising the potential of his brand, Shah shared that he and his equally young but vibrant team has been working tirelessly towards its refinement. Although Shah is relatively young compared to his industry counterparts, he firmly believes that the fresh perspective he brings to his business gives him the edge over others.

Speaking on the brand's focus on sustainability, Shah informed that the newest designs are environment-conscious and are being made with reduced water, electricity, and chemical consumption.

"Freakins is at 12 Crore Annual Turnover since its inception in November 2018 and we expect the brand to make it to 20 Crore Annual Turnover by the end of 2021," Shah said.

He believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and does so through realistic planning and prioritisation.

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