Ishan Jindal: Helping Brands Grow Exponentially Through His Influencer Marketing Platform
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Ishan Jindal: Helping Brands Grow Exponentially Through His Influencer Marketing Platform

Ishan’s Wobb is India’s leading Influencer Marketing platform that measures the performance of influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer Marketing has been a growing trend of late and brands are trying to cash in on the presence of influencers on digital platforms and the connection with their followers to spread the word about their products or services. Brand building is all about such digital strategies today. Seeing this opportunity, Ishan Jindal started Wobb, an AI-based influencer marketing platform that automates marketing through micro-influencers and macro-influencers. How did Ishan's quest for digital dominance begin? Continue reading to know more about his journey.

The Journey

A curious mind from the industrial town of Ludhiana, Punjab, Ishan Jindal had a knack to solve problems from a young age. His curiosity to learn about technology and adapt this problem-solving driven approach made him to pursue his degree in engineering from the prestigious IIT-Delhi.

He was the first student from IIT Delhi to complete the 4-year degree in just 3.5 years. Right from those times, he had a fervent passion to build start-ups in the digital space and nurture them.

Even while he was in college, he founded a few technology start-ups and managed them. He had also developed an app called Safely Home along with his team – an app that could automatically send out distress messages to family and friends by sensing an impact due to a collision. Fortis Hospital felicitated him for this innovative technology that could save several lives.

Ishan had a different perspective than most of the other founders. His focus is not just on the impact that the product or service has on the society but also on how sustainable it is in the long term monetarily and technologically. He has always had an interest in the start-up ecosystem due to which he joined a VC and then an Angel network.

He took every opportunity to evaluate and analyse start-ups so that he could get a deeper insight into the reasons for start-up failure. This is when he understood the gap between technology and the marketing strategies of these ventures. Finally, he realized where he wanted to begin. Ishan started using Influencer Marketing, the most powerful marketing tool today, to work with those failing start-ups and helped them grow to unexpected heights.

These circumstances became his greatest inspiration to launch Wobb (Working On Brand Building The sole aim of this venture was to handle everything for brands starting from finding influencers to analysing and making a campaign work positively in real-time.

Wobb: The AI-Based Influencer Marketing Platform for Brands

Ishan's Wobb is India's leading Influencer Marketing platform that measures the performance of influencer marketing campaigns. It evaluates everything from reach and performance engagement to clicks and conversions using advanced technologies. Wobb also offers a dedicated account manager for brands that need additional assistance to help them onboard, plan and execute their campaigns.

Ishan's intention behind establishing Wobb was to sell efficacy and simplicity integrated with a reliable algorithm that is driven only by Artificial Intelligence and data.

Expanding Steadily

It has hardly been a year since Wobb has been established, but the platform is already growing at an incredible pace. Many start-ups and renowned brands have been a part of Wobb's portfolio, delivering data-driven growth to each client in terms of brand recognition as well as sales.

Ask Ishan about the concept of Wobb and he retorts – "It is simple! The concept is to allow brands and businesses to use the real power of Influencer Marketing through the most appropriate influencers and successfully run their campaigns."

Ishan has just put his first foot forward in his new venture, but this budding entrepreneur has miles to go with his infectious passion and hard work.

More than his startup, Ishan has plenty of things to inspire the young guns and that's why we decided to give him a spotlight on our SMB section today!

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