How A Childs Skin Condition Motivated Mother To Start A Skincare Brand

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How A Child's Skin Condition Motivated Mother To Start A Skincare Brand

Dr Liza Jacob's experiences with her child, who suffered from skin issues motivated her to start a skin and haircare brand named 'Green And Beige' to bring trustworthy solutions to people who faced similar problems.

Increasing awareness about health and well-being pushes several people to try out different brands and settle with the ones that suit them the best. However, several people suffer from varying skin conditions, thus, increasing the demand for products that would be a particular remedy, if not cure, their problems. Dr Liza Merin Jacob was a medical practitioner and quite well-known for her job when she saw her child undergo skin issues. Her experiences as a mother were her guiding light for the genesis of her skincare and haircare brand- 'Green And Beige'.

Brand Was Launched In April 2021

The three co-founders of the brand that launched recently in April 2021 were Dr Liza Jacob, Jacob John, and Abraham Marret started this line of products made out of clean energy. Initially, they started with just five employees and used only clean, efficacious and transparent ingredients in all their products. To ensure that they never compromise on their quality, 'Green And Beige' make sure to let its customers know what their face cream, hair cleanser or serum is made from, steering clear of the chemicals that could harm the body and earth.

A Responsible Organization Looks After Its Employees

Apart from looking forward to their customers and their needs, they also keep their employees satisfied. 'Green And Beige' heavily promote women empowerment, and 90 per cent of their workforce at all levels are women. Moreover, considering their hustle with daily life, 'Green And Beige' allow women employees to bring their children along and provides childcare facilities to take better care of them while children's mothers are freely working without getting worried about them. Once the tradition of working from the office started after lockdown, 'Green And Beige' provided accommodation to employees at senior management's home in Bangalore for a period who joined them from other states to help them get familiar with the new environment.

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