Avinash Mada - A Young Kid From Eluru, Andhra Pradesh Who Became Indian Instagram Celeb
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Avinash Mada - A Young Kid From Eluru, Andhra Pradesh Who Became Indian Instagram Celeb

At the age of 19, Avinash Mada has already started his entrepreneurship journey by establishing IG Accelerator.

Age is not a matter of concern when you are following your passion, and Avinash Mada from Eluru in Andhra Pradesh stands tall as an ideal example of this statement if you want to venture into the entrepreneurship world and succeed.

Currently, pursuing his B. Tech in Computer Engineering from Lovely Professional University (LPU), Avinash is a social media expert, who is renowned for his killer Instagram skills. At the age of 19, when most students of his age are busy enjoying their youth, making friends, dating and having a gala time, this teenager has already started his entrepreneurship journey by establishing IG Accelerator and keeps himself busy helping his clients earn more organic followers and likes on Instagram.

The Beginning of the Journey

Well, it all started as a hobby for Avinash; a few years ago, he had created an Instagram memes page for which he started getting a good response with a consistently expanding follower-base. Soon, brands and companies started approaching him to promote their products or services through his Instagram Page. He was also offered good money for these ads, which is when he realized that he could make money through this social networking channel. Seeing the vast opportunities that had an immense potential in this field, he established his start-up business IG Accelerators, and generated over a crore in revenues in the last 10 months, which is an astonishing feat for such a young kid - in fact, he has appeared on list of top Indian Instagram influencers too.

An Unprecedented Growth

The wind was in his favour and Avinash made the best of every opportunity that came his way.

Even before he had established IG Accelerators, many brands had approached this youth icon for advertising. The establishment of his start-up paved the way for more clients from India and abroad approaching him. So, things had been profitable from the start for Avinash. Presently, he helps his clients improve their marketing strategies and increase their follower-base through his marketing services.

Ever since Avinash started out, he has never stopped to look back. Within merely six months of starting, he found his way to earning a 6-figure income through Instagram; that's the power of these digital marketing channels and the youth of the nation should definitely focus on!

Riding High on Success

Avinash has achieved a lot through IG Empires at such a young age helping entrepreneurs and brands to level up their IG game. He has helped one of his clients to generate 100K dollars revenue and 90K followers in just four months, which is incredible. His company IG Empires has been featured in many national-level media publications like Times of India, Indian Express, and Marketing Mind – quite an achievement for a young entrepreneur like him.

Eyeing Growth and Scaling

This social media branding genius has set his sights high when it comes to future prospects. Avinash says his vision is to set a global footprint helping brands leverage the power of digital marketing to make it big in the business world. He knows that his vision is not something that he can accomplish in a day, but he is hell-bent on succeeding by fighting all the tides.

Besides scaling his business, he also has plans to offer online courses through IG Empires to help youngsters learn how to earn likes and followers on Instagram and teach them the smart way to earn money through social media channels. He has already started working towards setting up this online course by recording more than a hundred videos for training.

When asked about his motivational sources, here's what Avinash had to say – "My source of motivation is the notion that each day is a new day to learn something new, grow and succeed. I have always loved to beat my own personal records. It's extremely gratifying to challenge myself and enjoy the rewards of success. I live each day as though it would be the last day of my life and strive to achieve greater heights so that I can leave behind a legacy."

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