Artistic Storytelling! This Startup Uplifts Artisans By Showcasing Indias History In Their Creations

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Artistic Storytelling! This Startup Uplifts Artisans By Showcasing India's History In Their Creations

Indic Inspirations is founded by a couple, Sunil and Padmaja Jalihal that is the country's first art and culture 'Phygital Store' where the items invoke nostalgia. One of their achievements is being ISRO's first registered merchandiser.

India is a country that boasts of rich and diverse history. Every region has a story to tell that makes it stand out. From cultural to technological advancement, the list of achievements grows daily, making the country proud of its talented citizens. They are taking India to heights we could not imagine ourselves several decades ago.

However, such stories fade away as people move forward in life. The current generation is unaware of such inspiring legacies that tend to go into unfortunate oblivion. While this is a sad reality, some want to change this. Specific initiatives exist that combine India's cultural assets with modern developments that make way for sustainable items.

An example of this is an art and culture startup called 'Indic Inspirations'. As the name suggests, it aims to invoke nostalgia and pride among Indians living in the country and the diaspora globally by curating products inspired by the myriad of achievements India has in its kitty.

Modern Nostalgia With Artisan Welfare

'Indic Inspirations' was founded in 2019 by Sunil Jalihal and his wife, Padmaja Jalihal. Before that, the couple worked with 'Heart For Art' Trust in Pune, which works towards artisan welfare and upliftment. Using that experience, the current startup began to provide artisans with a stable livelihood. "Indic Inspirations was set up to create NEW products that would create new opportunities and new products with India's artisans. The for-profit, Culture Startup, social enterprise help expand the market for artisans and extend India's soft-power through unique and storied objects," the couple tells The Logical Indian.

Along with providing such an opportunity, Indic Inspirations becomes an exciting amalgamation of tradition and modernity. They organise workshops where customers can interact with artisans and understand their creations better. Not only that, they credit each artisan for their designs that, which gives them the much-needed pride and respect for their work.

Showcasing India's Pride

The startup effortlessly combines this endeavour with artistic storytelling. The Jalihals explain, "We felt that India's stories are not adequately narrated through collectables, memorabilia, and artefacts. So we took up narrating stories of Shunya, India's biggest Gift to the World, of ISRO and its achievements and many more through 40+ collections of products - by working India's Wood, Metal, Pottery, Grass, and other crafts from around the country."

Their stellar collections result from thorough research that is seen in the items curated in each of them. An example of this is the 'Shunya' Collection, where the products are centred around India's most inventive Gift to the World, the number 0.

The Shunya Collection

Other notable items are inspired by ancient Indian medicine, from Sushruta to Charaka. "The objects narrate the stories of India's contribution to medical science, about Charaka, Ayurveda, Patanjali, Yogasutras, Sushruta, and about the five elements that our body and earth are composed of," said the founders. Other items include a creative 'Ravana Dart Board', items inspired by time, space and astronomy, and culinary items that have regional roots around the country.

Ravana Wooden Dart Board

The ISRO Story

Indic Inspirations and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have a special connection. The former is the latter's first registered merchandiser. Under the 'Vyom' Collection, the company narrates ISRO's story with the help of creative items such as rocket models, DIY kits, Chandrayaan and Mangalayan board games, Mission Mangal Yug board game and the like.

Indic Inspirations' ISRO collection

"We were looking out for narrating stories of India's Institutions of Eminence - that Indians have an emotional connect with and are proud of. ISRO is one of them. We approached ISRO to narrate their stories, and they created a Registered Merchandiser program, and we signed up as their First Registered Merchandisers. We continue our work in narrating their stories with commitment and a range of products," the couple proudly tell the story to The Logical Indian.

India's First Art And Culture 'Phygital' Store

Apart from ISRO's first registered merchandiser, Indic Inspirations has another feather in its cap. They are the country's first-ever art and culture 'Phygital' store. The word 'Phygital' combines physical and digital aspects in today's business world. As the term is not a familiar one, the Jalihals explain it in an easy way, "Due to technological developments and the Covid period - Indians have got used to the convenience and fun of Online Shopping - with a click of the mouse, adding to cart, and making online payments. We enable this as a seamless experience at our "Phygital Store" - "physical" products that they can touch and feel and a "digital" experience of scanning product codes through their phone cameras, adding to cart, paying digitally from their phones."

Recently, the startup opened its first experience store in Pune. With their work, they have helped more than 400 artisans and promoted 60+ crafts from North-East and Eastern India, South and Western India. The couple hopes to engage with more than 1000 artisans in the coming years. They add, "We will work towards creating interest-based products - beyond Him & Her choices, expanding our reach and distribution to various destinations around the country. We aspire to get Culture Startups & Enterprises the recognition and valuations they deserve!"

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