Opinion: Why We Don’t Need A Corrupt Capitalist Brazilian President On Our Republic Day

Prashasti Awasthi India

November 16th, 2019 / 7:52 PM

Image Credit: Times Of India

In an attempt to harbour friendly relations with the allied countries, Indian government invites its foreign counterparts to attend the Republic Day ceremony every year. 

This time, Prime Minister has invited Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro to grace the 71st Republic Day event scheduled for 2020.

On the sidelines of 11th Brics Summit, PM Modi met Bolsonaro and the right-wing leaders struck a discussion on countering terrorism and emboldening bilateral ties between the two countries.

Is inviting a leader as bigoted, corrupt, and capitalist as Jair Bolsanaro for our Republic Day, good idea? What standards are we setting by calling Bolsonaro to an event as auspicious to Indians as the Republic Day?

Lest we forget that the Brazilian President was responsible for scorching the Amazon basin and ringing the alarm bells for a planetary emergency as per experts and environmentalist, there is still no good reason to invite Bolsanaro.

Here’s a look at India’s ‘honourable’ guest’s not-so-honourable conduct.

Sexist Alert!

Bolsanaro on many occasions proved that he is misogynistic and homophobic. In 2003, Bolsanaro demeaned his fellow legislator before a TV camera crew. “I am not going to rape you because you don’t deserve it,” he said on the record. 

In 2011, he made a homophobic comment when he said, “I am incapable of loving a homosexual son. I would rather wish he dies in an accident.”

Reason Behind Devil’s Inferno In Amazon

The world cannot forget the infernal Amazon fire that devoured large stretch of the Amazon basin (even when we want to, Climate change won’t let us!)

While Bolsanaro not only overlooked the matter, he also chose to deny it. At UN Council, he said, “Amazon is not in flames at all.” He further belittled the indigenous communities and added, “foreign powers have an interest in keeping indigenous people like a cave-man.” 

Bolsanaro basically campaigned for presidency on the lines that deforestation is just fine, development at all costs is OK!

Big Time Capitalist!

Capitalists can put a price tag on literally everything their ravenous eyes set upon. From people to places to exotic plants and animals, every life form has borne the brunt of it. And, Bolsanaro made sure he mints money even when it comes at the cost of his people and the rich biodiversity.

Bolsanaro, in his tenure, weakened many environmental regulations for industrialists who wanted to exploit the biodiversity for commercial purposes. He also threw open gates of indigenous reserves to mining.

Republic Day 2020

India celebrates adopting the constitution on the Republic day. So as to honour the democratic republic of India, to celebrate the rights of citizens and to pay regard to the constitution that is all encompassing of India’s diversity.

Ironically, Bolsanaro can be associated with anything but respecting the beauty of diversity. India can do better, for its 71st Republic Day.

Inviting Bolsonaro for the Republic day event would only sabotage India’s image in the world forum, for siding with a fascist President. 

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Written by : Prashasti Awasthi

Edited by : Shweta Kothari

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