US Travel Blogger Narrates How She Was Sexually & Verbally Harassed In A Delhi Hotel

Published : 12 Sep 2018 7:30 AM GMT
US Travel Blogger Narrates How She Was Sexually & Verbally Harassed In A Delhi Hotel

“Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guest is equivalent to God) they say, yet, in another heart-wrenching incident a travel blogger from the US was sexually and verbally harassed in the capital city of India, New Delhi.

The American travel vlogger, Jordan Taylor, going by the Youtube channel Travel light, narrated her dreadful experience on the roads of Delhi, where she was touched and groped by random passersby. “Men just randomly passing by reached out and grabbed me… they were touching me, groping me. This one guy kinda leaned in and he just said to me, ‘I want to f**k you’, right into my face, even with Livio (her boyfriend) right there,” she said in her youtube video.

However, this was not the end of her negative experience with Delhi. The traveller, in her 18-minute Youtube video, she shared the traumatic incident that occurred in a hotel in which she checked in along with her boyfriend Livio.

Hotel stay

Even in the previous hotel where Jordan and her boyfriend were staying, which was, in fact, a five-star hotel, she says in the video that the staff of that hotel allegedly shared her personal information with her stalker.

A series of horrifying incidents took place in the new hotel(OYO) she and her boyfriend shifted to. Livio left India four days before her. The following four days, when Jordan was alone, she describes her experience to be no less than that of a “horror movie”.

She began to receive calls on her hotel intercom phone, where a man who belonged to the staff would heavily breathe, make moaning sounds, or repeatedly beg her to open the door. They even turned off the AC and Wifi so that they can get into the room, under the pretext of fixing them.

She also stated that she had to stay locked in her hotel room for two days without food and water as she always found a shadow of a man standing on the other side of her door, waiting for to come out of the room. In her youtube video, she released a recording of the phone call with the hotel staff and also a footage that showed someone loitering about outside her room.

Sadly, Jordan did not have any connectivity to the outside world as the wifi was switched off and she did not have access to a local sim card through which she could make calls.

Despite all this, the young traveller maintained her calm all throughout, which helped her escape from the hotel before any mishap could happen. At 3 a.m she observed that there was no one outside her room and she immediately made a quiet escape to the airport and left the country.

Though the traveller is happy and satisfied with her initial days in India, the last few days of her trip have left her scarred. Jordan conveys in her video that she does not necessarily want to spread a negative image of India, but she felt the need to share her experience with her viewers. Hence she released the video after two months from the date of the incident.

Hotel has been shut

The hotel room was booked through the aggregator “OYO rooms”. When the video about the incident was tweeted by Reddit India, OYO rooms responded by saying, “What has been described by the guest is extremely upsetting and we deeply regret the experience. Safety and security of our guests is a priority for us at OYO. Guest safety is our top priority and will take the strictest of action against the partner hotel involved in this incident. Appreciate your concern.”

Jordan also posted an update on her video, saying that within 24 hours of her posting the video, the said hotel was shut down. Apparently, there were other women who experienced a similar situation in the hotel who came forward and raised their voice after watching Jordan’s video, which provoked action against the unruly hotel.

The Logical Indian take

We are all painfully aware of the fact that guests to our country are meted out with such vulgar and obscene behaviour. Sadly, the mindset of some of the people in our country is such that, they consider foreigners to be “easy” or of “loose character” just because their culture is relatively open to dating, and hence think it is alright to address them as “baby” and “honey” and get unnecessarily touchy with them, forgetting that they are also self-respecting individuals.

Foreigners who visit India have time and again complained of being scammed, harassed or sexually abused. In the past, there have been incidents, where foreigners have been tortured to pose for pictures with local tourists. Some people in our society consider foreigners to be “celebrities” or “objects of amusement” and make them feel extremely uncomfortable with such behaviour.

It is imperative that we teach our younger generation how to treat our guests from other countries, and more importantly, how a woman should be treated irrespective of her nationality or colour so that such untoward occurrences do not happen.

The image of our nation does not depend on how proud we are of it, but on how we treat those that visit our country and how we behave when we step out of our homeland. We must all realize that not just sportspersons, leaders and other celebrities but each one of us represents the nation when we interact with a foreign person or institution.

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