TikTok Pulls Down Video Of Same-Sex Indian Pakistani Couple: Twitteratis Enraged
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TikTok Pulls Down Video Of Same-Sex Indian Pakistani Couple: Twitteratis Enraged

Video-sharing application TikTok has brought down a video of Hindu-Muslim same-sex couple, hailing from India and Pakistan.

The video showed Sundas Malik from Pakistan and Anjali Chakra from India laughing and kissing under an umbrella donning traditional attires.

According to the community guidelines of the app, it does not entertain posts by users if it identifies them as disabled, fat, or LQBTQIA+.

Chakra posted the same video on Twitter on December 2 after getting to know that TikTok had removed their video. She tweeted, “TikTok deleted this for ‘violating community guidelines’ so the rumours about homophobia are true.”

“@tiktok_us you wanna explain why this got taken down,” she added.

In the video, the couple is dancing, first in casual outfits, and then they take a swirl to sport traditional clothes. Till now the post has collected over 318.4 thousand views, 14.1 thousand likes and 2.1 thousand retweets.

Twitteratis came forward in support of the couple and asked them to keep posting.

A Twitter user commented, “I actually feel sick to my stomach… They’re fine with promoting violent relationships but not loving ones?! I just don’t understand…”

“Love is, you know, love. Don’t need any #TikTok, #Tweeter, #fb, #Instagram, etc…Love is beautiful, more beautiful than any app,” added another.

Another user remarked, “Fight the gender haters whoever they are, wherever they are.”

The Hindu-Muslim couple came to limelight after a photoshoot where they were found posing with an umbrella and kissing and laughing with each other in traditional attire. The photos had gone viral on social media platforms.

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