Vacations Help In Gaining Sense Of Life: TN Govt Bans Special Classes During Summer Vacations
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"Vacations Help In Gaining Sense Of Life": TN Govt Bans Special Classes During Summer Vacations

While the mercury levels in several parts of India are on a constant rise, a recent circular from the Director of Matriculation Schools in Tamil Nadu prohibited schools across the state from conducting special summer classes. This move has been largely welcomed by all stakeholders. Schools in Tamil Nadu will be closed from summer holidays from April 12.

What does the circular say?

Director of matriculation schools, S Kannappan in a statement said that directorate had recieved a lot of complaints from parents that some private schools were conducting special classes during the summer vacation. The Times Of India quoted him as saying, “If the students are forced to attend the classes during the summer, they would get diseases. Hence, the private schools strictly need to be advised not to conduct any special classes during the vacation.”

Meanwhile, the circular read, “Summer vacation is a good opportunity for the students to go to their native places, mingle with their extended family, know the importance of family, and improve their relationships,” reported The News Minute. Furthermore, the circular said that actions will be taken against schools if parents file violations of rules.

This move has been welcomed by many across the state. S Arumainathan, President of the Tamil Nadu Students-Parents Welfare Association told The News Minute that the move will curb the unnecessary classes which schools hold these days with the main motive of earning money. He said that the entire purpose of vacations is to help students gain a sense of life. He expressed anguish and stated that while the state government comes out with rules like these, they are rarely followed through at the ground level.

Teachers express concern

While many are happy, school teachers and management, however, suggests that there needs to be more clarity on the issue. A corrospondent of a leading private school in Pollachi said that the school authorities need to know if the circular is talking about the extra-curricular activities like summer camps or the extra classes they hold for Class 9 and 11 students. She said that it is not possible for any school in Tamil Nadu to finish the syllabus in the stipulated amount of school timing, especially for class 9 and 11.

“We already have a lot of restrictions, like no classes on Sundays, no classes beyond actual working hours, no classes on public and government holidays etc. Over and above this, if more restrictions are placed, it becomes challenging for the teachers to complete teaching the portions for these students,” she said. Teachers from other schools also expressed similar concerns for board exam students.

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