I Sell My Talent, Not Conscience, Sushant Singh On Losing TV Show For Protesting Against Citizenship Act
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"I Sell My Talent, Not Conscience," Sushant Singh On Losing TV Show For Protesting Against Citizenship Act

Actor Sushant Singh on Tuesday announced that his association with long-running TV show Savdhaan India has ended after his participation in the protests against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act.

The actor, who has hosted the show since 2011, shared the news on Twitter, hinting that his participation in the protests could have been the reason behind his removal.

“And, my stint with Savdhaan India has ended,” Sushant wrote. Sushant also said that it was a “small price” to pay for speaking out.

A user asked on his comment whether the “price” he paid was for “speaking the truth.”

Sushant replied immediately and said that it was a small price that he paid. “How will you face Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru,” the actor wrote.


He said that he is answerable to the young generation against any injustice. “If I don’t raise my voice then what is the point of making people alert through a show?”

He said every other person has to raise their voice against the injustice done in this country. He said nothing is permanent in this country, no show runs forever. “I sell my talent and not my conscience,” he said.

Sushant has been a staunch critic of CAA from the time it was drafted by the cabinet. The actor expressed indignation to the brutal police assault against the students of Jamia Millia University.

The actor, however, neither denied nor confirmed whether his participation in the protest costed him in termination of the contract.

“I don’t know the exact reason why I’m being removed from the show. But the people have assumed that it might have to do something with my participation in the protests. It could be a coincidence also because they had also previously removed me and brought Ashutosh Rana and Tisca Chopra on board,” he said.

Jamia turned into a battlefield on Sunday as police entered the campus and used force to quell student protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

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