[Video/Read] Mercedes Hit-And-Run: Family Releases CCTV Footage As Evidence

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April 7th, 2016

Mercedes Hit & Run

Shocking accident: Two days after 32-year-old marketing consultant Sidharth Sharma was killed in a hit-and-run case by a minor driver in north Delhi, his family had released the shocking CCTV footage of the accident to prove that the driver was over-speeding. A Mercedes driven by a 17-year-old boy rammed Sidharth Sharma on Monday night when he was crossing the road near Ludlow Castle School.  The video footage clearly shows that an over-speeding car hit Sharma when he nears the footpath on the opposite side. The police detained the accused minor charging him with rash and negligent driving and death by negligence, besides, he did not have a driving license as well. But he was later released and sent to his parent’s custody in accordance with juvenile laws. And the father of the minor boy was fined.

A juvenile who will turn major in two days: The police do not have the authority to arrest accused owing to court’s discretion and this has led the deceased’s family heavily disappointed. They think that the father and son will walk away with lighter punishment. The eyewitnesses reported the police that they had seen a group of teenagers stepping out of the Mercedes after the accident. The police told that the car was speeding at 80 kmph at the time of the accident and because it was an accident and not a criminal conspiracy the father cannot be booked. It is very clear in the video that Sidharth had checked both sides of the road before crossing the road. The speed of the car did not give him any chance to react and he lost his life.  The road was not a Highway and it is common to see people crossing such roads all the time. Today, it was Sidharth, tomorrow it can be anyone of us.

How “Rich” try to escape the law: After the incident, the driver hired by the businessman had allegedly claimed that he was the one behind the wheels but later changed his statement when he got to know that Sharma was dead, a police source said to the quint.

Family is not giving up: Sidharth’s friends held a candlelight march in his memory from his residence to the Chief Minister’s residence, demanding justice for Sidharth’s death. He also took it to the social media campaigning for his justice using  #JusticeforSid. https://www.facebook.com/1551988635093828/videos/1552006705092021/

The Logical Indian demands the boy should be arrested immediately and sent to Juvenile home. In this case, the victim’s family has clinching evidence with eye witnesses to prove the vehicle was overspeeding. This case again highlights how some of the rich kids don’t understand the value of other people’s lives. And this has become a trend in our country that a rich kid kills someone in a road accident and then his parents use their muscle and money power to release their kids. The 17-yr-old who killed a guy was released citing being juvenile as a reason. Yesterday, The Logical Indian had covered a story of 3 teens were beaten and paraded naked by a mob. Later, instead of arresting the mob, police arrested the three teens and sent them to Juvenile home on an allegation of stealing a bike. It is becoming quite evident that our justice system tends to be biased towards rich. In this case, we have evidence and we  must set an example by not letting the kid and his parents get away without paying the price. We need to raise our voice and we request our community members to participate and talk about the issue. Please join the page here: Hit & Run Justice

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Mercedes Hit-And-Run: Family Releases CCTV Footage As Evidence"]

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Mercedes Hit & Run

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