UP: Saffron-Clad Men Thrash & Assault Kashmiri Vendors In Lucknow; Locals Come To Rescue

A group of men from a fringe right-wing group attacked and beat up two Kashmiri dry fruit vendors on a busy road in Lucknow yesterday, March 6. A video of the assault was shared by one of the men. The incident took place in Central Lucknow’s Daliganj at around 5 PM.

The videos

In the videos by Prashant Kumar‏, the men can be heard saying that they are doing it because the vendors are Kashmiris. Two men can be seen in saffron kurtas beating up Kashmiri men sitting on the road selling dry fruits. One of the men can be seen using a wooden stick to thrash the men, and one of the victims is covering his head and requesting the attackers to stop assaulting him.

A second video shows the saffron-clad men asking the second vendor to show him his identity card as he is trying to pack his things up and leave. However, locals were quick to come to the rescue and one of them can be heard telling the attackers to call the police instead of taking law into their own hands. These men from Kashmir have been selling dry fruits in Lucknow for several years now, reported NDTV.

Case of rioting and breach of peace registered

The police said that one Bajrang Sonkar has been arrested and a case of rioting and breach of peace has been registered. However, the main accused, Amar Mishra, has not been arrested. He claims that he is the president of the Vishwa Hindu Dal, and has been posting on Facebook claiming that he and his men had carried out the assault. His Facebook profile information states that he works with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The video that was shared on Facebook has now been taken down.

“This is a very unfortunate and one-off incident which has happened. We will crackdown on such incidents with the entire force of the law. Nobody is above the law and nobody can target innocent citizens like this….The strongest possible action will be taken to target innocent Kashmiris,” Uttar Pradesh Director General (Law and Order) Anand Kumar said.

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah, and parties like the Congress, the Aam Aadmi Party and Asaduddin Owaisi condemned the attack.

The Logical Indian take

Ever since the Pulwama terror attack claimed the lives of 40 CRPF jawans, Kashmiris across the country are constantly being attacked. In two incidents in West bengal, Kashmiri shawl sellers from the Budgam district of Kashmir had to face assault at the hands of locals. Hundreds of Kashmiri students had to face harassment at the hands of mobs.

The two Kashmiri vendors were doing nothing more than sitting on the road, trying to earn a livelihood. Maybe they have their parents, wives and children waiting for them back at home, only to hear the news or see the videos of their loved ones being thrashed.

The central government had in fact been promoted to issue an advisory to the states to ensure the safety of Kashmiris due to the alleged harassment they have been facing ever since the Pulwama attack.

One positive aspect of the entire outrageous incident is that the locals came up to help the victims. While on several occasions people have been assaulted and killed in broad daylight, these locals proved that humanity still exists.

If people have made up their minds not to be rational, these atrocities are hard to be stopped. The Logical Indian urges authorities to take strict action against the accused.

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